Saturday, August 25, 2012

WWE Royal Rumble Beth Phoenix Action figure !!!!

Hello there toy collectors i am back with another interesting review of my latest collections as well, all the WWE Diva action figures.

I have always been fascinated with the women in WWE and i wanted to collect all the lady superstars from this series the old and the new collections as well. Which brings me to this particular diva Beth Phoenix. I am a big fan of hers and also i have got her as my action figure in my collections and this will be a review of her as well.

So below please !!!!!

Yes people this is the amazing Beth Phoenix ....

This was her earlier dressing which she wore in her wrestling years at the beginning of her career. And i think the leather type of finish on her is really amazing.

As you can see here in the above pictures that her upper body cab be turned near her waist line and also here legs can also be bent to make her pose but the legs can't be moved back much. her thighs can be moved sideways and are quite mobile. The legs upper joints have a bit of problem to move but she can be adjusted to make certain poses.

As you can see here as well in the pose above her hands can be bent and are more movable then her legs but you can't really make her hands touch each other. and her wrist and hands are made in a permanent position.

This is a close up of her front position and the front costume design is so much accurate with her actual clothing itself. Her hair is kind of a rubbery mold which isn't really that rigid. But it's better to touch her hair less as with time dirt stains might accumulate as it is very much bright in color and black stains on her hair might look very obvious.

The back part of her body is also amazingly done.

The leather pants and her overall body posture and design as well.

Next picture i will show you is Beth phoenix on her display stand which comes with the package of her action figure.

Beth Phoenix goes very well in her display stand if you want to her to be put in that pose !!!!

She makes a great display item !!!!

The above picture will be the last picture for this particular review of my ongoing collection of WWE Diva action figures for now. I hope you like Beth phoenix. I really love her and love collecting her as well. And please make sure you get her. Every WWE Lover will have to get this particular Diva as she is one of the most influential Female superstars. 

With that cheerzzz and i'll end this review !!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

MOTU Classics Skeletor Review !!!!!

Hello there people i'm back yet with another one of my favorite toy reviews. The Masters Of The Universe (MOTU) Classics Action figures. This time i have had a chance to get my hands on this particular figure because he is one of my favorite bad guys and also one of the most important characters to have and own in the MOTU Classics line. Actually by fact all of the Masters Of The Universe toys are equally cool and unique in thier own way with the re-release of this version of the classics line which makes the individual characters stand out. Actually i think for quality MOTU Classics action figures are the best so far compared to the other toys in the commercial market. Well that's what i think !!!!

Well without futhur delays this is skeletor.

I made this pose especially for our MOTU Fans out there who can relate with this character. Skeletor is never complete without his magic staff. and the staff is extremely accurate to the filmation version. But if you noticed properly the colors on the staff are not really accurate in a sense in the animated Filmation series his staff has a somewhat greyish color which stands out with his deep blue colored body. But for this version of this toy they made it kinda purple. Well i have no idea why they did that. But it's still worth the buy.

Here as you can see Skeletor comes with 2 power swords and this is just one of them.This is the the complete version of the sword. The other sword which comes with this package in the toy is the half of He-man's powersword which can be combined with skeletors half of the powersword. I'll show you the details in my youtube videos of my action figure reviews, of how the figure and swords combine seperately. But do take note that during the filmation series he never uses his sword at all. He always uses his Staff most of the time.

As you can see the straps behind can be removed and his powersword can be slotted into the back but id' rather not do that as i think skeletor is always cool with his standing staff posing mode. And if you notice properly his feet are exposed then the filmation version where his feet was completely covered with his boots. This version of him is made from the concept of the 2002 series of the He-man cartoon.

And lastly a close up of skeletor with his classic pose which i think is one of the best shots i made for this action figure. Well more hot toy reviews coming up and more toys as well. Cheerzzz and laterzz !!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Transformers Generations Skullgrin Review !!!!!

Dear toy ravers and toy collectors alike i have now done another review as like wise and this time it's one of my earlier collections which i wanted to review all this while but didn't have a chance to do so as there were just too many new toys coming out and i did not have the time to show you some of my earlier collections which i would have reviewed much earlier. But rest assured i am still wanting to do just that and i always will update you as much of Transformers Characters and collections as i can in this blog of mine.

Which comes back to my this new toy review.

It's called Skullgrin. What i do know of skullgrin was that he never existed as a character in the Transformers Generation 1 series but rather he was a pretender. There was a robot hidden inside him and this face i'm gonna show you wasn't his actual face though but i guess this particular character was created using the original idea and concept of Generation1 in mind i guess. 

Well this is Skullgrin.

I really like the colors in this particular toy character reason being i think it's really made bright enough to really stand out and the paint job is very consistent.

A top view of how he looks like.

The next picture i'm gonna show is Skullgrin with his weapon which is really cool as it's like an axe.

Very little Transformers characters use weapon like this as which i know as they are mostly just guns or cannons as they are shoot to kill and destroy !!!!

Well this guy uses and axe to slaughter.

And who can forget the evil look of Skullgrin up close and personal !!!!!

Next i'm gonna show you the vehicle mode of skullgrin which is a type of tank with a long cannon looking thing sticking out from the front of it.

This vehicle looks awesome to me.

It has a cool car like look with an enhanced modification to look like a tank as well. A very cool concept for a decepticon i think.

As you can see here even the cannon goes up and down in movement as well. But there is a limitation to it's angle of elevation though so you gotta be careful not to accidently break it.

But it goes up quite a considerable amount so i think that's sufficient enough for me.

A look from behind to let you see the weaponry loaded on the back and the angle of view as well from the rear.

Well this will be the last picture for this review guys but as you can see here the top part of the vehicle mode of Skullgrin is also movable as well. So you can point the cannon in all directions as well. Well that is also cool for me for a concept character like this.

Well hope you enjoyed this toy review as i had showing all of you how this toy looked like.

I'll be updating some old classic toys and new ones as well on the way of my toy collecting adventures so please still be here as i'm not gone. I'm still very much active still in my collecting ..... So i'll be back soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transformers Prime Takara Tomy AM15 Voyager Darkness Megatron In Hand Exclusive !!!!!

Hello there toy collecting world I have been away lately because of some things which i had to do at work and also i didn't have much chance to get my hands on any interesting or exclusive toys especially Transformers and i wanted to get something really solid for you to have your eyes to feast on and have some interesting toy updates which have been very eye catching and very exclusive and i have managed to get just that for you.

This is the latest Transformers Prime Voyager from Takara Tomy which is absolutely exclusive and never been released and it's limited i guess from the way i see him being popular and more so i rarely see much of him in this version. Well enough said this is the AM15 Darkness Megatron.

As you can see here this is the Voyager version and not the deluxe version. Although the Deluxe version in the Entertainment pack was equally cool as well. Megatron is supposed to be big has he is the leader of the Decepticons and can't be as small as his decepticon counterparts. Well here you have it. As you can see the wordings in this package are all japanese as this is the Takara Tomy version.

This is the back of the package and as you can see from the pictures behind there are lots of weapons which comes with this version of  Megatron.

I will show the details in the upcoming reviews individually as always with my other toy reviews as well.

The whole intention of this particular short review is to show you the package itself.

The sides also show you the weapons and other items with this toy itself.

As you can see here this is the package which shows AM15 Darkness Megatron.

This is the toy out of the package.

A more closer look at this chest area notice that this version of Megatron he has a Metallic silver finich compare to his R.I.D version where he was mostly all white in color. I prefer this finishing as he is kinda metallic silver in color in the animated series as well so this is a really good version of his looks close to the series as well. And i will be back later with a review of him really soon. Cheerzz you guys and thanks for waiting patiently for my slow but good toy reviews !!!!