Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Transformers Generations Skullgrin Review !!!!!

Dear toy ravers and toy collectors alike i have now done another review as like wise and this time it's one of my earlier collections which i wanted to review all this while but didn't have a chance to do so as there were just too many new toys coming out and i did not have the time to show you some of my earlier collections which i would have reviewed much earlier. But rest assured i am still wanting to do just that and i always will update you as much of Transformers Characters and collections as i can in this blog of mine.

Which comes back to my this new toy review.

It's called Skullgrin. What i do know of skullgrin was that he never existed as a character in the Transformers Generation 1 series but rather he was a pretender. There was a robot hidden inside him and this face i'm gonna show you wasn't his actual face though but i guess this particular character was created using the original idea and concept of Generation1 in mind i guess. 

Well this is Skullgrin.

I really like the colors in this particular toy character reason being i think it's really made bright enough to really stand out and the paint job is very consistent.

A top view of how he looks like.

The next picture i'm gonna show is Skullgrin with his weapon which is really cool as it's like an axe.

Very little Transformers characters use weapon like this as which i know as they are mostly just guns or cannons as they are shoot to kill and destroy !!!!

Well this guy uses and axe to slaughter.

And who can forget the evil look of Skullgrin up close and personal !!!!!

Next i'm gonna show you the vehicle mode of skullgrin which is a type of tank with a long cannon looking thing sticking out from the front of it.

This vehicle looks awesome to me.

It has a cool car like look with an enhanced modification to look like a tank as well. A very cool concept for a decepticon i think.

As you can see here even the cannon goes up and down in movement as well. But there is a limitation to it's angle of elevation though so you gotta be careful not to accidently break it.

But it goes up quite a considerable amount so i think that's sufficient enough for me.

A look from behind to let you see the weaponry loaded on the back and the angle of view as well from the rear.

Well this will be the last picture for this review guys but as you can see here the top part of the vehicle mode of Skullgrin is also movable as well. So you can point the cannon in all directions as well. Well that is also cool for me for a concept character like this.

Well hope you enjoyed this toy review as i had showing all of you how this toy looked like.

I'll be updating some old classic toys and new ones as well on the way of my toy collecting adventures so please still be here as i'm not gone. I'm still very much active still in my collecting ..... So i'll be back soon.