Sunday, August 19, 2012

MOTU Classics Skeletor Review !!!!!

Hello there people i'm back yet with another one of my favorite toy reviews. The Masters Of The Universe (MOTU) Classics Action figures. This time i have had a chance to get my hands on this particular figure because he is one of my favorite bad guys and also one of the most important characters to have and own in the MOTU Classics line. Actually by fact all of the Masters Of The Universe toys are equally cool and unique in thier own way with the re-release of this version of the classics line which makes the individual characters stand out. Actually i think for quality MOTU Classics action figures are the best so far compared to the other toys in the commercial market. Well that's what i think !!!!

Well without futhur delays this is skeletor.

I made this pose especially for our MOTU Fans out there who can relate with this character. Skeletor is never complete without his magic staff. and the staff is extremely accurate to the filmation version. But if you noticed properly the colors on the staff are not really accurate in a sense in the animated Filmation series his staff has a somewhat greyish color which stands out with his deep blue colored body. But for this version of this toy they made it kinda purple. Well i have no idea why they did that. But it's still worth the buy.

Here as you can see Skeletor comes with 2 power swords and this is just one of them.This is the the complete version of the sword. The other sword which comes with this package in the toy is the half of He-man's powersword which can be combined with skeletors half of the powersword. I'll show you the details in my youtube videos of my action figure reviews, of how the figure and swords combine seperately. But do take note that during the filmation series he never uses his sword at all. He always uses his Staff most of the time.

As you can see the straps behind can be removed and his powersword can be slotted into the back but id' rather not do that as i think skeletor is always cool with his standing staff posing mode. And if you notice properly his feet are exposed then the filmation version where his feet was completely covered with his boots. This version of him is made from the concept of the 2002 series of the He-man cartoon.

And lastly a close up of skeletor with his classic pose which i think is one of the best shots i made for this action figure. Well more hot toy reviews coming up and more toys as well. Cheerzzz and laterzz !!!!