Saturday, August 25, 2012

WWE Royal Rumble Beth Phoenix Action figure !!!!

Hello there toy collectors i am back with another interesting review of my latest collections as well, all the WWE Diva action figures.

I have always been fascinated with the women in WWE and i wanted to collect all the lady superstars from this series the old and the new collections as well. Which brings me to this particular diva Beth Phoenix. I am a big fan of hers and also i have got her as my action figure in my collections and this will be a review of her as well.

So below please !!!!!

Yes people this is the amazing Beth Phoenix ....

This was her earlier dressing which she wore in her wrestling years at the beginning of her career. And i think the leather type of finish on her is really amazing.

As you can see here in the above pictures that her upper body cab be turned near her waist line and also here legs can also be bent to make her pose but the legs can't be moved back much. her thighs can be moved sideways and are quite mobile. The legs upper joints have a bit of problem to move but she can be adjusted to make certain poses.

As you can see here as well in the pose above her hands can be bent and are more movable then her legs but you can't really make her hands touch each other. and her wrist and hands are made in a permanent position.

This is a close up of her front position and the front costume design is so much accurate with her actual clothing itself. Her hair is kind of a rubbery mold which isn't really that rigid. But it's better to touch her hair less as with time dirt stains might accumulate as it is very much bright in color and black stains on her hair might look very obvious.

The back part of her body is also amazingly done.

The leather pants and her overall body posture and design as well.

Next picture i will show you is Beth phoenix on her display stand which comes with the package of her action figure.

Beth Phoenix goes very well in her display stand if you want to her to be put in that pose !!!!

She makes a great display item !!!!

The above picture will be the last picture for this particular review of my ongoing collection of WWE Diva action figures for now. I hope you like Beth phoenix. I really love her and love collecting her as well. And please make sure you get her. Every WWE Lover will have to get this particular Diva as she is one of the most influential Female superstars. 

With that cheerzzz and i'll end this review !!!!