Saturday, July 28, 2012

MOTU Classics Exclusive update from an outside source !!!!!

Dear MOTU Classics fans i have already bought the subscription on

You should get the subscription as soon as possible as there is only a week left before the subscription date closes and more over the subscription only allows you to buy exclusive MOTU Classics figures early release and maybe just for subscribers only as there are rumors that there won't be much left to manufacture so the action figures for 2013 will be limited and won't be sale to the entire public. That made me subscribe mainly because i don't wanna miss out on those action figures from MOTU which i always loved to collect when i was a child and didn't get a chance to do so as i had not much money then and also for the fact that my parents also didn't wanna buy it for me as they said it was too expensive back then. Damn !!! Well this is not gonna happen to me this time and as far as i am concerned the quality of the MOTU Classics figures this time still have the old touch of the classic look from the 80's and has a much well crafted design and much more authentic and unique in it's production. It was actually my dream of ever getting this vintage figures at last.
And that pushed me to the max to get up with this subscription. I thought of getting at least 3 subscriptions as i want all the figures in extra's for sale in the future and also have my own personal collection to open up and play with also.

And with this brief explanation for the MOTU Classics one of the action figures i got information for another source is that King He-man is coming out and Ram-man. Well i got the picture of King He-man here below, for all of you MOTU Fans out there to see.

Look how cool he is with his beard and all the white blonde hair and his eyes.

Too bad there wasn't a story of King he-man itself cos when he was always Prince Adam turning into he-man i suppose, but i expected a King Adam !!!!

Well nevertheless this is equally cool.

I will be reviewing exclusive new MOTU Classics figures as well as my ongoing Transformers collections as well so keep it here guys.

Yes the cape is awesome ..

Well enough said guys get your subscription before august 6 cos this exclusive figures and others won't be available if you don't subscribe to the Mattycollector Club Eternia Subscriptions.

And you will fall back on all the cool figures which you never had a chance to buy and exclusives you won't be able to get ever.

Well cheerzz you guys and more reviews coming your way.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Vote for me at the Big bad toy store photo contest !!!!

Dear toy collectors and toy fans out there if you really like what i have presented to you vote for this picture at my facebook big bad toy store photo contest.

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You can post your collection pictures as well but don't forget to vote for me.

This is the picture i posted in the contest and feel free to give me more votes on this.

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Hope you guys support me with this one.

Cheerzzz !!!!

i have taken a break for awhile as there isn't any interesting toys for me to collect at the moment but i will definitely be doing more reviews soon so keep it here in my blog and i will be back soon for more reviews as likewise.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fall Of Cybertron Jazz short picture review !!!

Dear toy fans and transformers lovers out there i sincerely apologize for the long break i took from my personal reviews of toys which i always deliver with all the latest and hot stuff which i have always been reviewing for this past months as a toy and transformers lover. I had to take a rest from the exciting toy review for a while to give myself some well deserved rest to make it more worth your while to make more solid toy reviews and hot stuff as well.

Well don't worry ya'all i'm back with another cool review, as far as i am concerned and toy lovers and collectors worldwide are concerned i will never give up doing toy reviews as they are much well deserved for all of you guys who love toys so much and love collecting them as a hobby.I simply love toy collecting and i am really proud of it.

Well coming to that i have come with a brand new toy from the Fall Of Cybertron game series recently released in the shops.

It's jazz from Fall of Cybertron and i am now reviewing him.

Although Jazz is a very important character in the Transformers Autobots Alliance but i am not really that much impressed in this cybertronian version simply because i always imagined him as a nascar version of a sports car then a cybertronian concept for this version of Jazz !!!!

As you can see this is back view of Jazz and the back of his upper shoulder the small circle like looking things look like a row or arsenal of machine guns !!!!! But a point to note though if you were to see the bottom part of his legs the blue paint which has been given is not really that cnsistent and accurate and the paint job is quite bad, and it's quite obvious because the white makes the blue stand out very well so the flaw could be seen. And more over what i must say the colors of this version of Jazz follow the same concept of his Generation 1 counterpart.

Here is Mr Cool Autobot Jazz with his cool pistol pose !!!!

The close up of of Jazz shows his vizor on his eyes which he always has in any version he is produced and always looks like originally but as you can see near the mouth and lower face area he looks very cybertronian and a very squarish looking face. This is what i'm not really impressed with for this particular version of Jazz !!!

Next i'm gonna feature the vehicle version of Jazz .... which is rather not very impressive to me as well but i had to give an honest review and perspective of this so called toy. Well for those guys who aren't completely agreeable on this issue are completely fine as this is my perspective and i would like sincere opinions to this post and comments as well for all toy overs and transformers lovers out there as well.

A very much cybertronian look of his vehicle mode as well.

It looks more like a small spaceship with wheels !!!!

A rear view of Jazz's vehicle mode as you can see the hans and fingers fold up inside to form his back part part of the vehicle. I was surprised that this part wasn't really much concealed compared to other transformers toys and vehicle where you can't see the robot parts very obviously compared to this version of Jazz !!!!

Next i will show you the pistol weapon mounted on his vehicle mode ...

Not very interesting actually !!!!!

Well i must say that this is the last picture for this review, and in summary what i would say is that if you haven't got Jazz from any of the movie or generations line this will be a good inclusion in you transformers toy collections because he hasn't come out in other version as yet and this is by far one of the latest.

And of course if you a die hard fan of Transformers toys and Transformers as well and if you don't mind the looks of the toy itself and just wanna collect it for the sake of Transformers ..... then you wouldn't mind getting this one as well . Well i hope the next few Fall of Cybertron toys are not as bad and frustrating as this Jazz i have reviewed . With that laterzzz !!! Guys and girls !!!!