Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rare WWE Elite Action figure Collections and WWE Action Figure findings !!!!

Hey people i went again for my toy hunt and boy am i so excited to share these collections with you. They are all the Elite,Classics and other basic action figures from the WWE line which are quite hard to find now a days. Well i found them all in one place today and i'm gonna show you all the pictures of my WWE Action figure findings !!!!

The first Action Figure is the Elite Collection Stone Cold Steve Austin,

The next is the Elite Collection Flashback Miss Elizabeth .... below

Miss Elizabeth is a first time release and since she is produced in the Elite Version i don't think you can ever expect Mattel to make her again. So she will be very collectible !!!!

The next is an Elite Flashback of the 80's towards the 90's...


Yokozuna as you can see comes with his classic checkered robe which he wore when he made his ring entrance and the details on this action figure is really awesome ... and he is a classic Superstar himself !!!

The next is the Elite Series addition of The Rock.

Rock comes with his sleeveless shirt and ring announcement mike and other accessories as well ... and he is a legend !!!!

Next is the WWE Deluxe aggression version of Vince McMahon.

This figure is awesome as he has a launching barbell and fullr poseable as well.

You gotta have Vince McMahon if you a WWE Toy collector as he is the man of the Whole thing and this figure is rare as well.

The next will be Flashback as well in the Elite Series and this time it's Kane.

Kane is a Fantastic figure as he has very detailed articulation and he comes with the classic Hardcore Championship belt which is no more now in the WWE !!!

Well i just don't know whether you can remove that mask from his face ????

Well you go figure and tell me will ya .....

The next will be The Elite Series again of Mick Foley known as Cactus Jack at one time and below is the picture of this cool action figure ...

You gotta get Cactus jack as he comes with lots of accessories here !!!!!

Handcuffs, a stop sign and a ring step as well !!!! All the phases of a hardcore match ... and the figure has very good details of the guy himself .

And who could ever forget the Randy "Macho Man" Savage !!!! This picture below is the Elite Collection Flashback and boy this is one hell of a cool figure i must say.

Macho man is featured with his "nwo" outfit.

The next is also my favorite wrestler and its also an Elite Series Flashback !!! He is none other then Triple H. Below.

I really like the Outfit on him this is a very unique entrance outfit when Triple H was King of the Ring.

Well this time it's retro flashback of Classic Superstars Legion of Doom !!! with Sunny Action figure in a WWE Classic Superstars package .... below.

Legion of Doom are real Legends during their time as wrestlers and one of the most powerful tag teams in WWE History and they have their Classic Spikey costume shoulder padded vest and tattoos on their faces as well.

And below is the Elite Series Bret "The hitman" Hart Elite Series Flashback !!!!

He is in a Classic Pink colored Jacket ... and his sunglasses !!!!

This is one action figure you should not surpass for anything as this guy is a true legend and hero ...well at leas for me.

The details for Bret Hart are awesome !!!!!

And the last picture for this picture review will be the latest rare and hard to Find money in the bank Twin Battle pack which features the dented Money in the Bank suitcase and Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guererro in the package. This is also a cool toy to have as i like the Suit case and the colors.

Well enough said i hope you like my latest findings of some action figures which are really rare and very detailed as well.

These WWE figure will soon rise up in price and it's better you get them as soon as possible ...with that i end this post and will be back for more the next few days after my overseas trip ... Cheerzz People !!!!

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