Friday, August 2, 2013

The TRASHPACK Series 3 Spotted in Singapore Retail Stores !!!!!

Hey there people had a long break for a while as i was on a holiday trip so i had no access toy hunts which i could do. Well now i'm back with another recent toy hunt but i'm not sure whether these are popular in singapore though. But nevertheless this is one of my favorites to hit the stores and i will definitely collect all of them if not to say the least !!!! 

These are the Trashpack series 3 which have already hit in retail shops but i'm not gonna tell you where !!!!

But just check em' out !!!!

Series 3 comes in Blue trash cans like this !!!!

Well Series 1 was orange and Series 2 was green and these are blue ... this are different collections from the previous ones but these trashies are fun to collect when you manage to get some rare and authentic ones and that makes you keep on buying till you get those rare and special edition Trashies right !!!!

The picture above is also the Trashpack series with a Grey painted bigger Trashcan in the center which has a small back of ooze. It's sticky and you can put it into the Trashcan as well.

Well this came out in the USA some time back and i had already bought it like late last year.

And this has just arrived to Singapore and only in some retail stores and i wonder why.

Well the above pictures are also the Series 3 pack with the ooze but with different Trashies now !!!

And every package will ave some rare or unique trashies if you are lucky !!!

Well with that happy hunting boys and girls while i do some photography of other toys for the other reviews following up soon. 

Till then Cheerzz !!!!