Monday, August 26, 2013

Transformers Generations Thrilling 30 Trailcutter Review !!!!

Hey i'm back again. This time it will be the regular Transformers Review which i had always brought you from the beginning when i started this site in the first place. Well this is the review of the latest Thrilling 30 Transformers Generations Series Trailcutter an autobot !!!

And below is that cool guy !!!!

The colors on Trailcutter as you can see is following the color scheme of his previous G1 Counterpart from the 80's. The resemblance is there but this is a much improved version of his G1 Style and beow you can see the comparison of the G1 version of Trailcutter...

Well there you have it above the G1 Trailcutter from the 80's !!!!

Trailcutter has a very unique finish of his paint job and goes very well like a Generations Recap styled robot.

Trailcutter is also spotted has a very small robot in this Generations version as well as he is a deluxe version of the toy .

An extra weapon which comes with Trailcutter above is a shield which can also be transformed to be a cannon in vehicle mode which i will show you later on ....

And look at the awesome close up of Trailcutter. One thing i really loved about the generations characters being reproduced now is it still has the retro looking G1 look as like before but just an improved versions of the robots in disguise. That retains the over all  originality of the Character itself.

As i said earlier the shield like weapon can also be attached at the back of  Trailcutter. Actually there are various slots in the parts of Trailcutter which actually enables you to place the weapon anywhere you deem suitable.

The next few pictures will be the vehicle mode of Trailcutter which is a SUV mode !!!

The SUV  mode has also an original molding and i was surprised as i didn't want a remold of the older version of other remade vehicles ..... so i was very pleased.

There are no stickers to be out on on Trailcutter as it is all included with the paint job of the toy vehicle itself.

Do take note that the cannon guns on top of Trailcutter's SUV Mode are permanenetly fixed .... and more over it was supposed to look that way.

As you see above the shield like weapon has been removed and actually that is the piece which is the final part which makes the SUV complete.

I have taken the weapon out and put it on top of the fixed cannon.

Well enough of the toy review pictures....i'll now let you in on the extra piece of item which comes with this Thrilling 30 Generations Deluxe toy and that is the extra comic book. This comic book concentrates more on the various stories of the Character itself and for the most part Trailcutter himself.

Above is the cover of the Comic Book and the cover features Trailcutter himself and the next few pictures i have taken the opportunity to show you the images in the comic itself. You really should check it out as it features awesome artwork animations i tell ya !!!!

However i have ended my toy reviews with my pictures but i have taken the trouble to create a video review of Trailcutter as well so you will have a better idea of how he looks like and operates.

With that i'll leave you to enjoy the video and i'll be back on laterzz !!!!! Cheerzzz and i have spotted someone copying this line of mine. Well cut it out Copy cat !!!! Stop this disgusting habit !!!!

See ya soon !!!!

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