Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mcfarlane Movie Maniacs 5 Jason X Action Figure Review !!!!

Hey there i'm back with another review and check this out !!!! It's the Mcfarlane toy review .... which has always been my favorite from the very past when these toys were released almost a decade ago. It was a craze at that time and i had bought a few of these figures because they were extremely similar to the movies itself. The artwork in Mcfarlane was one of the best for the movie based action figures at that time as nobody ever made an attempt to produce the toys. Well almost a decade later this is the review which i wanted to show all of you for a very long time.

And let me present you now Jason X the tenth installment from the Friday the 13th Movie Franchise.

Look at how cool Jason is above !!! Well things to take note for this particular action figure is that it isn't fully poseable !!! The joints around the arms and shoulders are fixed positions and even his feet and legs can't be moved. This toy was actually more of a display piece in just certain angles so it was meant to be made that way. And these toys aren't for kids really.

The Chrome metallic on his left leg as you can see is one of a unique look on the figure. As you can see it's partially covered with Jason's Flesh and the difference and combination painted for both is really awesome.

Jason X was more of a Metallic Cyborg looking killer in this Tenth installment of the franchise and it's one of the best characters to be ever produced for the movie and to be made as a toy as well.

The black colored pants on his right leg symbolises Jason's old look before he became the new cyborg looking killer. It really differentiates his looks both ways.

From the rear view of Jason you can see his posture complete in an angle which was supposedly the killer pose he did when he swings his slashing knife !!! 

As you can see from the picture above he even has the combined look of the half metallic body with his old body with the black colored clothing on his abdomen parts towards the chest as well. The clothing also has the torn look combining with the metallic form as well .... and it blends nicely with his body.

Another awesome accessory with Jason X is this movie poster replica from the Movie itself and a display stand which comes with it. You just have to put the poster piece with the display stand . The poster also shows the slashing knife in the center and  showing the 2 faces of Jason with his old look with the hockey mask on the left and the new metallic look on the right. 

Jason's head has the burnt rotting look with his flesh sticking out from the metallic mask on his head !!!!

This is one awesome detail which is simply depicted very well with this figure from Mcfarlane !!!

And as you see above this is the knife which come with Jason to make this pose i have done for the display.

Well you will see the various types of ways i have done the poses for Jason with this Knife. Check it out !!!!

The Next few pictures below are some of the outdoor poses i took in the form of making him look so real !!!

And the last look is the close up of our favorite killer with the Hockey mask. Look at even the eyes .... they are made so real and you would never imagine this was a toy !!!! I even thought this guy looked so real as an action figure.Like i said art is something which is so important to make a something like this so real !!!! And Mcfarlane has done just that !!! Salutes !!!

Well the above picture will be the last for this review and i have done a video review of the toy as well so you will have an idea of how the toy actually looks like.

With that enjoy the review and i'll be back soon. Cheerzz  !!!!