Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Smurfs Official Movie merchandise toys and Hotwheels Fast and Furious die cast metal cars released in Toys R' Us Singapore !!!!!!

Hello there people i will be doing my last post i hope for this month on some toy sightings and concentrate more on my toy reviews this month. Well don't blame me for the postings , i am actually giving you valuable insight on all the latest toy sightings and hunts so that you will just know what is around in the toy world.

Boy it's hard work posting all these pictures so at least all of you must support my cause for my never ending love of toys !!!! Well this is just a word of speech and nothing really serious !!!! I am posting some interesting new stuff which hasn't been out just yet but i'm not really a big fan of all these toys actually. It's just that i grew up with this cartoon animation back in the late 80's and early 90's but wasn't reallt thrilled with this toy collection. Well Toys r' us Singapore has just released the latest Smurfs movie merchandise by Jakks Pacific.

And below will be the few previews of the Smurfs collections but i did not take all of them ... so hope you will like this merchandise...well this isn't for me really.

Well here goes...

The only thing i find strange in this individual figure collections of Smurfs is that they did not label the individual characters of the figures in the package externally. And i don't know why is that !!!!

Oh well but it's official Movie merchandise !!!

Next comes the box set collections of the Smurfs in different types of outfit and diorama.

They have different type of gears on as well !!!! As well as a playset which you will see in my next few pictures. But nevertheless i find them more to girls who will collect all these kind of stuff like My little Pony and it definitely isn't for me.

Well all ladies out there seeing this post !!!! i hope you like it !!!!

Well now i will show you the hotwheels collections from the fast and furious movie !!!!

Though i'm not so impressed my self but i just wanna share it with all of you hotwheels collectors out there.

I will only show you the 3 out the 8 cars to collect cos i couldn't get the pictures of all the complete 8 cars so happy hunting and below are the pictures.

Oh well above is the last picture for this review and i will be back for more toy reviews of all collections so far i have acquired and i want to share with you people out there old or new ones as well.

So keep it here and i will be right back with more usual toy reviews. With that happy hunting and cheerzz for the long weekend for all Singaporeans. Cheeerzzzz !!!! A big one for all !!!!

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