Wednesday, August 7, 2013

McDonald's Singapore Releases The Smurfs 2 Toys !!!!!

Hello there people i wanna update all of you with the latest happenings in singapore just to let you kids and collectors out there that McDonald's has released the Smurfs 2 toys with purchase of the Happy meals !!!! Well you should get em' fast as they will be sold out when the movie comes out !!!!

So it will be easily out of Stock cos Singapore is much too small to cater all the Kids and adults collecting it !!!! or fans of the smurfs ...even some of my friends are going goo goo and gaga over it and wanna collect em' all !!!!

Well this isn't for me but i had to share with you guys the hot news and the pictures below so check em' out !!!

Well the picture above is rather blurred in vision but you will get clearer pictures later on !!!!

Well there you have it more smurfs collectibles and let me tell you they look exactly the size of Jakks Pacific version of the toys in toys r' us as well !!! I was really surprised with the strange similarity and accuracy of the toys !!!! Well i guess these will be cheaper to purchase then the version of Jakks Pacific !!! But you gotta wait 8 full weeks in order to get all 8 and who knows if the stock will be sold out before you can even purchase !!!

More clearer pictures of how the Smurfs toys look like !!!! with the Happy Meals !!!

And did i just see Plastic man ???? Well i am interested in Plastic man then the Hello Kitty i tell ya !!! And let me tell ya i will definitely get plastic man for sure as i know he will be rare and very collectible !!! As a toy collector i know whats the best toys in the world to collect !!!

Wit that i'll be back for more info and reviews as usual !!!! Cheerzz people !!!

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