Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ben 10 Omniverse #32385 Ben Action Figure Review !!!!

Hello there people i have returned as my regular self doing toy reviews as usual. I'm back !!!! This time it's one of my earlier reviews i had actually wanted to do but now i am doing this long awaited review.

It's none other then the classic Ben 10 but now presenting Ben himself. This is the Omniverse version the latest of the Ben10 toys. The figure number is #32385. Make sure you see this number before you ever purchase this figure.

Well below is Ben10 the amazing !!!!

This is bigger then the regular size figure which you have seen so far in the Ben10 toy line or action figures and it's almost a 6 inch figure !!!

Well this is a cool figure to collect but as you can see the figure above it's in a fixed position to make it look this way. You can only display him this way. But his limbs can be moved such a way that he can touch his right hand toward the watch seen on his left hand.

I'll let my video do the explaining for that !!!

You can see that even the shoes have been painted very well and consistent with Ben.

The brown pants on him has a ruffled look towards the end touching his shoes, which makes it look so natural with the action figure.

From the back as you can see there are screws to fix up and secure his limbs and joints at all 4 ends.

So it's really well secured. there is even a pocket to the right part towards the end of his legs at both ends.

Above is the awesome close up of Ben. The colors on his face are very well done and very colorful as well. The colors used on Ben are a very bright version which brings out the Character himself. And just look at the details of the watch on his left hand. The details on it are really awesome.

Above is the picture of 2 accessories which come with Ben. The one on his right leg is a stand for him to poke his legs into and on the left leg is a audio button accessory which enable you to make a sound of ben when his leg gets pressed on it.

But Generally this just a sort of display stand for Ben for display actually if you were to ask me.

Just look at how Ben is seen on this pose.

On the above picture you can see his left leg pressing a button on that accessory i was talking about earlier. Well that's what it is. 

Well the above picture will be the last for this review.

I'll be back for more reviews meanwhile i have prepared the video review to get a clearer picture of how this toy actually works.

Well with that i will end this review and be back for more. Cheerzzz people !!!!

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