Monday, January 28, 2013

M.A.S.K (Venom) Jackhammer with Cliff Dagger and Torch mask full vehicle review !!!!!!!!!

Hello there i'm back with yet another vintage toy review of this classic toy series from the 80's. It's infact one of the most liked among most M.A.S.K Lovers who had followed the animated series during the 80's.Well this time it's Venom the bad guys from the M.A.S.K Series.

Enjoy the review as i go through this cool pictorial review of my favorite M.A.S.K vehicle in the series. Actually it's just one of my favorites. Well this is Jackhammer.

As you can see here this is the complete vehicle with the extra gun which comes with it and Cliff Dagger with Torch mask.

As you can see here at the back of Jackhammer there is a grayish part which sticks out,well that is none other then the back part which is an engage button which you have to press down to activate the back popping up in attack mode as you will see in my next few pictures.

And this is Cliff Dagger with his Torch Mask. Let me tell you M.A.S.K vehicle are never really complete without the figure and the individual mask which comes with it. The mask on any action figure is i think one of the coolest to collect besides the individual vehicle itself.

And here above in the picture as you can see is the attack mode of Jackhammer. The front part of the engine cover pops upwards with an angled 45 degree elevation and the cannons pop out from the front. Take note that the guns on the front of the vehicle is engaged by a gear like function with the front tyres of Jackhammer to make the guns going alternatively up and down motion. More details are put in my videos for your review.

As you can see here even the interior can be opened up revealing the driver's seat and the steering wheel all orange in color.

Awesome isn't it.

And from this picture above you can see the gun which comes with this vehicle that can be attached at the top seat where Cliff dagger sits to fire his guns as well and the downward cannons !!!!

Yup and in the above picture you can see what i mean when i say that Cliff Dagger can be put on the top to go when Jackhammer is in attack mode.

Well the above will be the last picture for this 80's toy review from me. I will be posting more in the coming weeks but not so often until i have some time with me to execute more solid toy reviews. But nevertheless i will be trying my best to give you my best from the toy world.

Well M.A.S.K are the only collection you have seen so far which is amazing. You will see more awesome toy reviews of toys from the 80's very soon. So rest assured i'm gonna rock the toy world i say. Cheerrzz and i will see you soon !!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Nano Rods from Nano Speed World 4 pack Mini Cars Review !!!!!!!!!!

Hello i'm back with more reviews for all of you and this time it's a new collection of mine !!!! This are mini cars from Nano Speed. They have a gear like feature which enables you to spring back the car and it speeds in front of you. They have a high powered motor in this mini cars. They call it a N-1500 Motor !!!! Well haven't seen the interior of the motor to show you though.

The reason why i got these guys was because they reminded me of the Micro Machines Mini cars, back in the late 80's towards the early 90's from Galoob. They sparked my memories again and that's why i decided to collect them. And i am planning to finish up the entire collection in this Nano Speed series. I will review and share them with you when i have the full collection con-currently with other toy reviews as well.

Well this is the package front and back below this header.

In this picture below as you can see here below all the 4 cars can fit into the palm of my hands !!!! And boy they are really cool and small !!!!!!

What fascinates me is that they have actually made mini cars like this comeback !!!!

Well the precisionary design of these cars at a scale so small is really awesome and you can see that details of these mini cars from the next few pictures.

Can you believe from the above picture that the cars are so small !!! They are even smaller then my thumb !!!! Well this cars won't be good for kids as they are really small and will definitely cause choking hazard to small kids. Although this cars were meant for small kids but it still poses a danger to small children around the hose if they were to accidently put it in thier mouth !!!!

So be mindful with this guys !!!!

Above starting from the left from the Red car are the names of the cars respectively.

They are Mullet,Bezerker,Leaded and Rust Rocket.

Here above are the rear view of these cool mini Cars. Now in the next few pictures are the individual close up view of these cars from Nano Speed !!!!


The really detailed design of these cars are really mind blowing. I awaited almost 2 decades before they could bring about this micro mini vehicles of this concept similar to Micro Machines.

Well it was worth the wait !!!!!


Bezerker is one of my favorites as it has a nice bluish color concept with a Mustang type of look.

The front part of the blower sticking out of the front part of the engine cover on the front of the car is very precise and accurate in detail.

Rust Rocket

Rust Rocket has also the looks of a Mustang but of a different variant.

The Flame type of design on this car is equally cool as well.

Brings out the individuality of the vehicle as well.


Leaded as a blend of a modern design mixed with the retro look of the classics cars from the 70's and the 80's. A very cool design and concept as well.

Well with this posting i end this particular review of the Nano Speed Rods review.

I have made a video review as well for this cars so please watch it as well so you have an idea of how this mini cars look and work.

I'll be back for more reviews very soon. And my last words for this posting is don't buy this for babies or toddlers or small kids for that matter. Choking hazard. But for early teens and adults these are collectibles.

Well for me these are personal collectibles and i am never selling them away. These are for keeps but i will review more vehicle for all of you so you can see my entire collections as well.

Cheerzz and i'll be back !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DR Wacko's Mad Lab Color Goo Toy Review !!!!!

Dear people i'm back with another latest toy i just acquired. I bought this toy as it reminded me of the slimy toys back in the 80's like the Masters Of The Universe Slime pit !!!! And other Slime related toys. Well at that time they were all green in color.

Whereas for this toy which is DR Wacko's Mad lab toy which is called Goo is also similar in capacity to the 80's version of the toy it comes in many various colors !!!! I got the green one here for the review !!!

It can also be put as a design with your action figures like lava fluid on the action fiugures of any sort for display and that will look rather cool !!!!

Well with that i shall present you the Dr Wacko's Mad Lab Color Goo !!!!!

This is the front cover of the Color goo Lid which is covering a test tube type of container which contains the  slimy stuff.

And here is the container in side view containing the color goo !!!!

As you can see here i have opened up the cover to reveal the color goo and boy is it slimy !!!!!

But you don't have to worry though because it doesn't dirty your hands or leave a stain on the table. It just integrated together even if you were taking it apart and when you put it together it goes back together again. A very unique type of toy goo actually. But be careful if you have mini dust particles on the ground it will stick to the goo as well making it dirty. Avoid the carpet or the furry parts of the carpets will stick on to the goo.

Here i just put the cover on the goo just to show it to you. This color goo will harden i guess if you expose it too long to the open so once you are done playing with it put it back inside the test tube container so that it won't harden or solidify !!!!

Lastly i just wanna show you the entire goo on it's own. This is a rather fun toy to have and to play with. Het more colors and display them. It will be fun !!!! With that i end this short review of this rather cool toy !!!

See ya soon !!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The TRASHPACK Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck Short Review !!!!

Hi there people please put up with me for a while as i do this short review for all of you. I won't be doing any toy reviews till next week so i hope you all can deal with it for awhile. But i shall return with more toy reviews and other collections as well.

Well for this review i have the TRASHPACK collection from moose which is quite a new production of toys just released into the market which has made quite a bit of noise.

The Collections of toys in this brand category has taken a toll on the people buying it.

Well it definitely caught my eye as well.The reason is because the mini monsters which comes with this toy and it's unique trash kinda style makes it look very cool.

Well this review is about the Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck from moose as well.

Yes people this is the Garbage Truck i told you guys about and it comes in this package sealed up but the vehicle itself is tightly sealed into the cardboard box but the vehicle is exposed so you can actually see it and feel it !!!!!!!!

This is the back of the package featuring the stacking of their Trash cans from the same line into the Garbage Truck. It's rather cool looking and it has it's own personal unique touch to it. There has never been any Garbage related toys lately so this toy line will take off quite well.

Well the next few pictures i will feature the Garbage Truck out of the Package.

Yes people the Trashpack Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck !!!!

The Yellowish parts on the vehicle are the parts which are actually the ones which glows in the Dark.

The neon painted body parts of the Truck is really so bright as you can see in my pictures here. The sticker details on the vehicle are cool as well.

As you can see here in the pictures this is the front part of the Vehicle the Driving seats and the steering wheel. The cool part is the driving seats can be turned 360 degrees and the steering wheel as well.

You can put one of the monsters in there too like as though they are actually driving.

In this picture above as you can see the garbage truck's bin at the back of the vehicle can be tilted upwards to dump the trash. So the mini bins with monsters which comes with this package can be put into this bin and dumped into the back of this bin.

As you can see here the pictures from the back the yellow and black stripped stickers which are on the back of the truck !!!! Well it seems kinda' dirty isn't it. Well check this out it's designed that way and not the truck which is actually dirty !!!! That is rather neat !!!!

Well for this picture above you can see the center part of the vehicle opening up and this is where you can stack your trash cans and display your mini monsters as well. The purple stains as you can see here is part of the design of the truck's interior and it makes it look very messy !!! but that's cool ....

In this picture above are the mini trash cans which come with the package which is rather unique and can be stored in the center of the truck and furthur more you can even stack the Trash cans on top of each other to save you some space and stack more Trash cans.

Well with the above picture i shall end this review of the TRASHPACK Garbage truck review.

Well my suggestion is go get this vehicle. It will soon be a big hit eventually once they come up with more ongoing cool products.

And let me tell you this is a new toy line with a unique on the face attitude. I have noticed that during the 80's there were a few toy lines which were released and were so popular initially but since the market was not in demand through the years they just diminished.

And the worst part is that the product is obsolete and not in production anymore. That made it even more rare. Well i got a gut feeling this will be the same as well.

They will be around when they are still hot and popular but once other toy lines start to become more popular in years to come maybe these guys will also cease to exist.

Well enough said get this toy before it's gone.Anyways to me this is a cool garbage truck !!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

MOTU Classics King Randor Action Figure Review !!!!!

Dear Toy collectors around the world welcome back to my toy reviews page. An awesome toy review awaits with this posting and boy it's worth the wait.

Well as i said in my earlier posting of toy reviews and all my ongoing toy collections which are still going on well. I have acquired the newly released King Randor !!!! This is the filmation style action figure with the blue cloak on from the series of the 80's in the MOTU Cartoon classics.

I wonder whether this was released back in the 80's but this sure is a cool toy to collect and i just had to have it on my own and now since that has happened this is my review of that awesome figure King Randor !!!!

As you can see from the action figure above of King Randor. The Blue Cloak around his body and the pendant which hangs on his neck are all part of his filmation classic style. And i am happy that Mattel had made it really well this time. It's picture perfect !!!!

The accessories which comes with King Randor are a wine glass and a long arrow like staff which i will show in my later pictures. The wine glass is also cool and well painted as well.

King Randor was holding the wine glass most of the time during the royal family dinners in the cartoon series back in the 80's. Masters of the Universe has always been seen as the first filmation series style and no other toys will look complete without the Filmation styled action figures don't you fans agree ????

The picture above is the staff which comes with King Randor !!!! Although i have missed it or kinda never seen it before in the 80's cartoon series but i think this staff looks kinda cool when King Randor is holding it.

Well the wine glass and the staff are the 2 accessories which comes with King Randor.

This is the only toy without an extra head piece which sometimes comes with other Masters Of The Universe Classics Action figures.

And the above picture is the close up of King Randor's face. The beard and mustache on King Randor is simply amazing in articulation. The details are really awesome. But the only problems which comes with this action figure is that the top part of King Randors arms can't be moved so much accept up and down and his legs and feet can't be adjusted much as well to make a simply awesome cool pose. He is just meant for display in just one position. But basically this is an adult collector toy so it's not much of an interest to much children then the children of the 80's like me who have now grown up.

Well with that i end this toy review for all of you guys and i will return soon with more toy reviews from the 80's and some cool reviews of other latest toys as well. Till then ......