Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MicroMachines C7-Air Cargo Action Playset Review !!!! Bought in 1988 !!!!! Truly Vintage and Retro !!!!

Dear people i am hitting of the new year with my review of an 80's recap toy which is really close to my heart.I went to the shopping mall with my aunt 5 days before Christmas back in 1988 and i was really interested in Micro Machines as it was really hot at that time. There were so many mini cars and vehicles to choose from the Micro Machines stock which was really piled up all over in the store and my aunt saw me particularly seeing this Aeroplane which was quite big as i was really very little then !!!! But it caught my eye and i was holding it for a while in my hands with the box.

Then i put it down but i did see other mini cars as well from the Micro Machines series but particularly wanted the plane to store my mini vehicles in case i got any in the future.

So in 1988 Christmas i got that Micro Machines Aeroplane as my present which has brought me here almost 3 decades later to present this classic vintage toy review something which i always wanted to do for all of you and also i don't wish to sell this toy as it is really of sentimental value for a person i cherish and love so much and really made my dream come true by getting this awesome toy for me. Thanks Auntie !!! Very much appreciated and you will always be remembered in my heart !!!!

Well sentiments aside let me present you the Micro Machines C7-Air Cargo Vehicle Carrier Playset !!!!

Isn't this Classic or what !!!!! I have put both the front and the back of the package !!!!

I kept the entire toy in the Box so as to preserve the Vehicle and the the contents and put it all in the package back after i had played with it. This enabled the safekeeping of all the parts intact without losing any of the toys contents ... thank god. So in other words this set is complete !!!!

You will see the next few pictures of my toy itself !!!!!

And yes people i deliberately put this C7-Air Cargo Plane on top of the box to show that i actually have this vehicle !!!! And boy am i grateful that i didn't lose it all this years.

As you can see here in the above picture of the C7-Air Cargo Carrier the doors and even the front part of the nose can be opened up to store the vehicles inside !!!! I especially love the propellers they are really cool in design. I had put the stickers on for this vehicle as you can see here. They have a bit of wear and tear but generally the Carrier play set isn't broken in any way.

As you can see the back of the Carrier has a removable back part where vehicles can actually go in !!!! like the real thing. The Fantastic part of Micro Machines is that all their play sets and vehicles are actual scale models reduced to size in the form of a toy for us collectors and toy lovers to play with !!!!
And i really find that awesome !!!

I took this shot for you to give it a more angled upper top view !!!! To see this Aircraft carrier at a more detailed point ...

Normal view of the Carrier with all the parts closed up.

This picture features all the parts opened up including the nose part of the carrier where a ramp comes out from the front for more vehicle to go in and out.

This picture i have taken above is the interior of the Carrier where there is a lifting ramp to lift up the vehicle to the upper level in the Carrier's compartment. There are actually 2 levels in the carrier if you had the toy and see it for yourself.

And this picture above is the tail  part of the carrier with the Micro Machines badge !!!!

The sticker has also faded away lightly but the words are still comprehensible... and with that this is the last picture for my above review of this vintage toy !!!! I will be reviewing more old toys for this year and other interesting collections to bring about that collector in  all you toy lovers out there.

I hope i have sparked other peoples childhood memories in posting this classic toy in my post and hope you guys can relate to it in the way it did for me as well.80's and 90's was fantastic and the toys then were even more fantastic as they had their individual unique characteristics and aunthenticity as like this C7-Air Cargo Action Play set. Enjoy !!!!

With that have a fantastic new year !!! And i'll be back for more