Monday, January 28, 2013

M.A.S.K (Venom) Jackhammer with Cliff Dagger and Torch mask full vehicle review !!!!!!!!!

Hello there i'm back with yet another vintage toy review of this classic toy series from the 80's. It's infact one of the most liked among most M.A.S.K Lovers who had followed the animated series during the 80's.Well this time it's Venom the bad guys from the M.A.S.K Series.

Enjoy the review as i go through this cool pictorial review of my favorite M.A.S.K vehicle in the series. Actually it's just one of my favorites. Well this is Jackhammer.

As you can see here this is the complete vehicle with the extra gun which comes with it and Cliff Dagger with Torch mask.

As you can see here at the back of Jackhammer there is a grayish part which sticks out,well that is none other then the back part which is an engage button which you have to press down to activate the back popping up in attack mode as you will see in my next few pictures.

And this is Cliff Dagger with his Torch Mask. Let me tell you M.A.S.K vehicle are never really complete without the figure and the individual mask which comes with it. The mask on any action figure is i think one of the coolest to collect besides the individual vehicle itself.

And here above in the picture as you can see is the attack mode of Jackhammer. The front part of the engine cover pops upwards with an angled 45 degree elevation and the cannons pop out from the front. Take note that the guns on the front of the vehicle is engaged by a gear like function with the front tyres of Jackhammer to make the guns going alternatively up and down motion. More details are put in my videos for your review.

As you can see here even the interior can be opened up revealing the driver's seat and the steering wheel all orange in color.

Awesome isn't it.

And from this picture above you can see the gun which comes with this vehicle that can be attached at the top seat where Cliff dagger sits to fire his guns as well and the downward cannons !!!!

Yup and in the above picture you can see what i mean when i say that Cliff Dagger can be put on the top to go when Jackhammer is in attack mode.

Well the above will be the last picture for this 80's toy review from me. I will be posting more in the coming weeks but not so often until i have some time with me to execute more solid toy reviews. But nevertheless i will be trying my best to give you my best from the toy world.

Well M.A.S.K are the only collection you have seen so far which is amazing. You will see more awesome toy reviews of toys from the 80's very soon. So rest assured i'm gonna rock the toy world i say. Cheerrzz and i will see you soon !!!!!!

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