Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DR Wacko's Mad Lab Color Goo Toy Review !!!!!

Dear people i'm back with another latest toy i just acquired. I bought this toy as it reminded me of the slimy toys back in the 80's like the Masters Of The Universe Slime pit !!!! And other Slime related toys. Well at that time they were all green in color.

Whereas for this toy which is DR Wacko's Mad lab toy which is called Goo is also similar in capacity to the 80's version of the toy it comes in many various colors !!!! I got the green one here for the review !!!

It can also be put as a design with your action figures like lava fluid on the action fiugures of any sort for display and that will look rather cool !!!!

Well with that i shall present you the Dr Wacko's Mad Lab Color Goo !!!!!

This is the front cover of the Color goo Lid which is covering a test tube type of container which contains the  slimy stuff.

And here is the container in side view containing the color goo !!!!

As you can see here i have opened up the cover to reveal the color goo and boy is it slimy !!!!!

But you don't have to worry though because it doesn't dirty your hands or leave a stain on the table. It just integrated together even if you were taking it apart and when you put it together it goes back together again. A very unique type of toy goo actually. But be careful if you have mini dust particles on the ground it will stick to the goo as well making it dirty. Avoid the carpet or the furry parts of the carpets will stick on to the goo.

Here i just put the cover on the goo just to show it to you. This color goo will harden i guess if you expose it too long to the open so once you are done playing with it put it back inside the test tube container so that it won't harden or solidify !!!!

Lastly i just wanna show you the entire goo on it's own. This is a rather fun toy to have and to play with. Het more colors and display them. It will be fun !!!! With that i end this short review of this rather cool toy !!!

See ya soon !!!!!!

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