Thursday, January 17, 2013

MOTU Classics King Randor Action Figure Review !!!!!

Dear Toy collectors around the world welcome back to my toy reviews page. An awesome toy review awaits with this posting and boy it's worth the wait.

Well as i said in my earlier posting of toy reviews and all my ongoing toy collections which are still going on well. I have acquired the newly released King Randor !!!! This is the filmation style action figure with the blue cloak on from the series of the 80's in the MOTU Cartoon classics.

I wonder whether this was released back in the 80's but this sure is a cool toy to collect and i just had to have it on my own and now since that has happened this is my review of that awesome figure King Randor !!!!

As you can see from the action figure above of King Randor. The Blue Cloak around his body and the pendant which hangs on his neck are all part of his filmation classic style. And i am happy that Mattel had made it really well this time. It's picture perfect !!!!

The accessories which comes with King Randor are a wine glass and a long arrow like staff which i will show in my later pictures. The wine glass is also cool and well painted as well.

King Randor was holding the wine glass most of the time during the royal family dinners in the cartoon series back in the 80's. Masters of the Universe has always been seen as the first filmation series style and no other toys will look complete without the Filmation styled action figures don't you fans agree ????

The picture above is the staff which comes with King Randor !!!! Although i have missed it or kinda never seen it before in the 80's cartoon series but i think this staff looks kinda cool when King Randor is holding it.

Well the wine glass and the staff are the 2 accessories which comes with King Randor.

This is the only toy without an extra head piece which sometimes comes with other Masters Of The Universe Classics Action figures.

And the above picture is the close up of King Randor's face. The beard and mustache on King Randor is simply amazing in articulation. The details are really awesome. But the only problems which comes with this action figure is that the top part of King Randors arms can't be moved so much accept up and down and his legs and feet can't be adjusted much as well to make a simply awesome cool pose. He is just meant for display in just one position. But basically this is an adult collector toy so it's not much of an interest to much children then the children of the 80's like me who have now grown up.

Well with that i end this toy review for all of you guys and i will return soon with more toy reviews from the 80's and some cool reviews of other latest toys as well. Till then ......

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