Sunday, January 20, 2013

The TRASHPACK Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck Short Review !!!!

Hi there people please put up with me for a while as i do this short review for all of you. I won't be doing any toy reviews till next week so i hope you all can deal with it for awhile. But i shall return with more toy reviews and other collections as well.

Well for this review i have the TRASHPACK collection from moose which is quite a new production of toys just released into the market which has made quite a bit of noise.

The Collections of toys in this brand category has taken a toll on the people buying it.

Well it definitely caught my eye as well.The reason is because the mini monsters which comes with this toy and it's unique trash kinda style makes it look very cool.

Well this review is about the Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck from moose as well.

Yes people this is the Garbage Truck i told you guys about and it comes in this package sealed up but the vehicle itself is tightly sealed into the cardboard box but the vehicle is exposed so you can actually see it and feel it !!!!!!!!

This is the back of the package featuring the stacking of their Trash cans from the same line into the Garbage Truck. It's rather cool looking and it has it's own personal unique touch to it. There has never been any Garbage related toys lately so this toy line will take off quite well.

Well the next few pictures i will feature the Garbage Truck out of the Package.

Yes people the Trashpack Glow in the Dark Garbage Truck !!!!

The Yellowish parts on the vehicle are the parts which are actually the ones which glows in the Dark.

The neon painted body parts of the Truck is really so bright as you can see in my pictures here. The sticker details on the vehicle are cool as well.

As you can see here in the pictures this is the front part of the Vehicle the Driving seats and the steering wheel. The cool part is the driving seats can be turned 360 degrees and the steering wheel as well.

You can put one of the monsters in there too like as though they are actually driving.

In this picture above as you can see the garbage truck's bin at the back of the vehicle can be tilted upwards to dump the trash. So the mini bins with monsters which comes with this package can be put into this bin and dumped into the back of this bin.

As you can see here the pictures from the back the yellow and black stripped stickers which are on the back of the truck !!!! Well it seems kinda' dirty isn't it. Well check this out it's designed that way and not the truck which is actually dirty !!!! That is rather neat !!!!

Well for this picture above you can see the center part of the vehicle opening up and this is where you can stack your trash cans and display your mini monsters as well. The purple stains as you can see here is part of the design of the truck's interior and it makes it look very messy !!! but that's cool ....

In this picture above are the mini trash cans which come with the package which is rather unique and can be stored in the center of the truck and furthur more you can even stack the Trash cans on top of each other to save you some space and stack more Trash cans.

Well with the above picture i shall end this review of the TRASHPACK Garbage truck review.

Well my suggestion is go get this vehicle. It will soon be a big hit eventually once they come up with more ongoing cool products.

And let me tell you this is a new toy line with a unique on the face attitude. I have noticed that during the 80's there were a few toy lines which were released and were so popular initially but since the market was not in demand through the years they just diminished.

And the worst part is that the product is obsolete and not in production anymore. That made it even more rare. Well i got a gut feeling this will be the same as well.

They will be around when they are still hot and popular but once other toy lines start to become more popular in years to come maybe these guys will also cease to exist.

Well enough said get this toy before it's gone.Anyways to me this is a cool garbage truck !!!!

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