Sunday, January 13, 2013

M.A.S.K Gator Complete with Dusty Hayes Full Review !!!!!

Hello there people back again with another vintage toy review. A personal favorite of mine when i was a child from the 80's and boy time has really flown by. As said this is one of my ongoing reviews of the vehicles collection from the M.A.S.K Animated series from the 80's. In this review it's Gator a full vehicle complete with all weapons and the action figure itself.

Let me present you Gator !!!!

As you can see here this is Gator complete with Dusty Hayes with his backlash mask on !!!!

Coincidently i wonder M.A.S.K (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) and the helmets they wore which was also called Masks were the same thing it was named after ??? Well that's a question i really am not able to answer at all to this day. Oh well back to the review.

As you can see here at the back of Gator is the sonic depth charge chrome colored cannon.

This will actually go out of the vehicle like a missile which fires from the back of Gator's attack mode.

And this above picture is Dusty Hayes. With his backlash Mask on the side of him.

And this picture above is the depth charge cannon which has been removed from the vehicle seperately to make a review for all of you to see. More details about this toy can be seen in my Youtube channel.

As i said before M.A.S.K Gator converts from a Jeep to a Hydroplane Speedboat which goes into the water. This is the picture of both the vehicles apart from one another before the full vehicle Gator mode and this is the vehicle attack mode.

And this is the Hydroplane Speedboat which i took seperately with Dusty Hayes in it. The Front part of the boat is a black rubbery plastic which is rather soft.

Look at the logo of MASK from the side of the boat.

Cool !!! M.A.S.K Stickers are always awesome looking on the vehicles as well.

With this above picture it will be the last one for this particular toy review. Let me tell you something M.A.S.K has an impact on me as i really grew up with it and i never got a chance to collect this toys as i was   young and my parents were kind of stingy especially my Dad so i decided to get this old classic toys on my own and boy i wanna have them all.

I will be having my own personal collections and also selling the extras on the way if i have any left.

And let me tell you once i have got a complete collection of M.A.S.K Vehicles i wanna see whether anybody wanna bid for an auction to buy the whole set of M.A.S.K Vehicles and also the full set of Barnd new ones as well !!!!

Well i'm gonna find out real soon when that happens.

I'll see you again.

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