Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MOTU Classics Orko With Fully Articulated Prince Adam Action Figure Review !!!!

Hello there people hope you can excuse my some what long break before i could bring about this review for all of you toy collectors out there who were waiting for me eagerly for this toy review right ????

Well i'm back !!!! I always fascinate all of you with my fantastic toy reviews for all you eager toy lovers !!! Well me too so that is why i have delayed no more time then this to make a toy review with this awesome toy i have recently purchased and hope you guys will love it !!! This has been my childhood dream !!! Always wanted a toy like this for years and i finally got a chance to purchase it myself.

Masters of the Universe Classics has always been a childhood toy fantasy for those who have lived through the 80's era and it's still one of my key interest areas in my continuos pursuit of toy collecting speciality as this is really authentic and a real masterpiece from the past remade !!!!

Well without much commentary about this i shall review my Orko with Fully Articulated Prince Adam. They both come in one package and you can't get Prince Adam without getting Orko himself !!!

Now just look at the both of them don't they look fantastic ???

This is exactly made to look like the Filmation style in the 80's animated series.

Prince Adam looks really awesome and his tight fitting vest type of coat is really awesome as well. Colors are really well done and the muscle definitions of Prince Adam with his coat on make it look very tight fitting on his body.

Orko comes with a display stand as he is rather smaller in size and more over without a display stand it won't look like he's levitating !!!!

As for this picture above i want to show you how Orko looks like in an up close and personal touch.

Though this review are about both Orko and Prince Adam i shall start by introducing Orko as my first Action figure Review followed by Prince Adam.

This is the back of Orko. Well as for Orko his head can be removed from the body area but his hat can't be removed as it's attached securely to his head as one piece. So it's just the body and the head.

As you can see here Orko comes with his magic wand and his book of spells !!!!

Well this is one great accessory to come with in the package. It really goes well with his filmation look from the 80's animated series. And i'm happy that they actually included all of this accessories with this fantastic action figure !!!!

As you can see in the above pictures on top of this posting that he comes complete with his display stand in the package so that you can display him in your glass cupboard or display cabinet. The stand is actually very stable actually.

The above picture is another pose i took of Orko from another angle and as you can see here his head can be turned as well. 

And this will be the end of Orko's review and the next will be the amazing Prince Adam. Which i'm gonna show you below ....

Yes people Prince Adam before he becomes He-man. I have always loved Prince Adam as he is one of the most shown characters in all the animated series from the 80's as he is obviously He-man himself and the most awesome part in the series is when he says "By The Power Of Grayskull" and the He-man theme song is being played when he transforms into He-man !!!! That was really a classic. And i'm really happy that they came out with the Filmation Series style Prince Adam which was the official First Prince Adam !!! And needless to say he is still the best Prince Adam to date as an action figure.

Needless to say i still love the side poses of Prince Adam. His purple colored tight pants to his legs and dark purple boots are seriously painted perfectly and consistently. A real masterpiece !!!!

The next few pictures i have taken is Prince Adam with his power sword which is different in color with his sword as He-man. This sword color is also cool in look. It really suits Prince Adam.

This picture above shows the grin of Prince Adam without his teeth showing in the headpiece. I may have said this before or shown in my video reviews in Youtube all Masters of The Universe Classics Action figures come with a removable head. As for this action figure with Orko we have an extra head for Prince Adam as well. That will be shown in the next few pictures.

Yup as you can see here in the above picture i have changed the head of Prince Adam with the teeth showing. Well if you were to ask me i prefer the previous head sculpt without the teeth showing.

It looks more Prince Adam. The one with the teeth showing is more for He-man.

And this is the close up of the other head sculpt of Prince Adam with his body.

This head sculpt is rather different from the previous one i have showed you and it really is your preference as to how to you deem him fit to look like in your display !!!!

With that this is my last picture for this somewhat long review.

When i was a kid my auntie asked me what did i want for christmas ??? And at that time Masters Of The Universe was really hot.

So i showed her He-man. Then later on i also went on to show her Prince Adam as well.

Then she asked me which one do you want ? And i told her i wanted both !!!! And the reason i told her was because Prince Adam doesn't look like He-man and He-man wasn't complete without Prince Adam as i need to show people how Prince Adam transforms to He-man !!!! And for that i got both the action figures for Christmas. Awesome !!!!

Well people enjoy the days ahead and i will be back with more reviews !!!! Till then .....

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