Friday, January 25, 2013

Nano Rods from Nano Speed World 4 pack Mini Cars Review !!!!!!!!!!

Hello i'm back with more reviews for all of you and this time it's a new collection of mine !!!! This are mini cars from Nano Speed. They have a gear like feature which enables you to spring back the car and it speeds in front of you. They have a high powered motor in this mini cars. They call it a N-1500 Motor !!!! Well haven't seen the interior of the motor to show you though.

The reason why i got these guys was because they reminded me of the Micro Machines Mini cars, back in the late 80's towards the early 90's from Galoob. They sparked my memories again and that's why i decided to collect them. And i am planning to finish up the entire collection in this Nano Speed series. I will review and share them with you when i have the full collection con-currently with other toy reviews as well.

Well this is the package front and back below this header.

In this picture below as you can see here below all the 4 cars can fit into the palm of my hands !!!! And boy they are really cool and small !!!!!!

What fascinates me is that they have actually made mini cars like this comeback !!!!

Well the precisionary design of these cars at a scale so small is really awesome and you can see that details of these mini cars from the next few pictures.

Can you believe from the above picture that the cars are so small !!! They are even smaller then my thumb !!!! Well this cars won't be good for kids as they are really small and will definitely cause choking hazard to small kids. Although this cars were meant for small kids but it still poses a danger to small children around the hose if they were to accidently put it in thier mouth !!!!

So be mindful with this guys !!!!

Above starting from the left from the Red car are the names of the cars respectively.

They are Mullet,Bezerker,Leaded and Rust Rocket.

Here above are the rear view of these cool mini Cars. Now in the next few pictures are the individual close up view of these cars from Nano Speed !!!!


The really detailed design of these cars are really mind blowing. I awaited almost 2 decades before they could bring about this micro mini vehicles of this concept similar to Micro Machines.

Well it was worth the wait !!!!!


Bezerker is one of my favorites as it has a nice bluish color concept with a Mustang type of look.

The front part of the blower sticking out of the front part of the engine cover on the front of the car is very precise and accurate in detail.

Rust Rocket

Rust Rocket has also the looks of a Mustang but of a different variant.

The Flame type of design on this car is equally cool as well.

Brings out the individuality of the vehicle as well.


Leaded as a blend of a modern design mixed with the retro look of the classics cars from the 70's and the 80's. A very cool design and concept as well.

Well with this posting i end this particular review of the Nano Speed Rods review.

I have made a video review as well for this cars so please watch it as well so you have an idea of how this mini cars look and work.

I'll be back for more reviews very soon. And my last words for this posting is don't buy this for babies or toddlers or small kids for that matter. Choking hazard. But for early teens and adults these are collectibles.

Well for me these are personal collectibles and i am never selling them away. These are for keeps but i will review more vehicle for all of you so you can see my entire collections as well.

Cheerzz and i'll be back !!!!!!!!!!

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