ROTF and First Movie Toys

All toys put here are all for sale. Please contact me for Price Quote.

Here i'm featuring all my ROTF toy collections and First Movie toys as well.

I have 4 Brand new The Fallen toys !!! If you wana order them from me please fell fre to leave me a message at my facebook fan page....

This is the next robot which i know most people would also like ....

It's called Starscream !!!! Voyager class from the fallen ....

It's a bit different from the first movie because of the different detailed clorations which have occured after the release of ROTF...
But an important character for a Transformers collector don't you agree !!!!

The next is Mixmaster Also from the ROTF.....
Below is the picture of the toy .....

Mixmaster is one of the constructicons which make up devastator but this voyager collection dosen't really combine to make the actual devastator which is sold seperately.....
Ok guys gonna update you about transformations in my youtube videos too and more ROTF toys so keep it right here !!! Later !!!!

As promised i have updated another figure of interest you Fans would like it's a Black and Gold color version of Optimus prime. It's also From ROTF check it out .

For some Reason I have realised that some shops have different versions of optimus prime (Voyager Class).
This is just one of them i'll get back to this blog and update the different types of Optimus Prime Editions For ROTF.

This is Desert Tracker Ratchet (Voyager).I like the Voyager toys because they are much bigger and much more detailed in transformations. And the toys look more cooler and nicer in design.

Yup this is the Ratchet from ROTF. I'll be reviewing all the toys from ROTF and take different poses of the figures and show them to you cos i wouldn't want you to miss out the different colors and angles of the toys you fans out there would like to see !!!!

And this is Ironhide also (voyager).
I must say although i have liked Iron hide as a character through out the movies i still prefer the pure black version of him from the first movie his original color and design.

This though is a bit greyish in color in it's the NEST version of Iron hide.
Well though it's grey i would say that it's still a Fantastic design for any transformers toy collector if you are passionate about collecting Transformers toys .

Like I Mentioned Before more toys here added now.

First Movie Starscream

First Movie Optimus Prime


Autobot Skids



Dead End



                                                                      Autobot Skids