Friday, May 19, 2017

Steel Battalion XBOX Limited Edition Controllers with Game Software Sealed in Package !!!! Item is for Sale !!!

It's been a while since i posted but i'm not gone just yet !!! I'm back with a limited edition XBOX year 2002 First Run XBOX Steel Battalion Console !!! 

Below is the Picture as you can see !!!

This item has several Variations to it but this is the First one produced and i happen to have it in my personal collections !!! It's time to let this baby go unfortunately !!!

Below are other detailed pictures of the Item !!!

Above is the console pictures in illustration ... and it's indication that it's only compatible to the First XBOX Game Console .

The above pictures show an image of the side of the ammo crate which has a lid which can be removed but it's actually just the box art which looks so real but it actually isn't ... The artwork is amazing !!!

This is the other side of the box which shows some of the details.

And as you can see from the above picture the CAPCOM Sticker seal is still intact ... This item was made in a few runs ( Meaning re-issues ) but this was actually the First one which was produced ... and it's almost 2 decades old ... the holy grail in game consoles .... interested parties can pm me or comment if you want to get this item from me !!! ITS FOR SALE !!!!