Sunday, April 10, 2016

Transformers Robots in Disguise Hasbro Generation 1 Commemorative Edition Soundwave for Sale !!!!

Hello there i will be featuring some of my latest toys for sale via this blog plus some reviews .... But for the moment there are some hot items.

Transformers G1 Commemorative Edition Soundwave for sale !!!

Soundwave has always been the most Favorite Decepticon of all time from the past and up till now. I can't agree less cos i myself am a great fan of this Decepticon. What facinates me is his cassette conversion attack companions and his voice !!! in the Generation 1 animated series.

Above is the back cover of this awesome Decepticon.

The above picture is the interior of the package and it has a pop up when you open up the package.

It's an image of Soundwave himself !!!

A very awesome way of designing this toy package.

Lastly i will show below the interior contents of how Soundwave and his 2 sidekicks ravage and laserbeak look like !!!

Well there you have it the last picture for my sale review of this awesome toy collection.

This is my last piece for this particular toy !!! So if you all wanna grab it do it before this awesome collection item is gone !!! Cheerss !!!

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