Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sony PlayStation 1 Street Fighter Alpha : Warriors' Dreams ( PAL ) For Sale !!!

Let me introduce to you the Street Fighter Alpha : Warrior's Dreams Game for Playstation 1

Street Fighter is one of the important franchise in Game history .... the game has come a long away and it's still popular till today .... needless to say and it's endless fighting fun !!!!

Now im presenting you with the actual game i have which was sealed and i kept it for almost 2 decades now ... and i have found out that i have to let this guy go !!!

I won't be needing this game anymore.

The next few posts after this will be based on my sales listing .... so feel free to pm if you have any thing on mind to buy .... that is if i still have the stock !!!

The above picture is the back of the package and my friend got it sealed back after checking the contents inside . It's all good and complete.

The last thing i want to say about this game is that it's near mint and resealed.

It's only compatible for the pal system only .... i'll put it up for you all to enjoy and i will wait for your pms.. Thanks guys and happy collecting !!!!

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