Thursday, August 29, 2013

MOTU Classics He-man Galactic Protector Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hey there back with another one of my favorite collection of all time. The MOTU Classics action figures.

Well i got this figure a while back and i managed to do a review now of the Galactic Protector where he was seen earlier during the 90's .... The New Adventures of He-man !!!! Well it's based on that series remade and re-issued as a classic now which is why it's now possible to do a review of him now.

Well below is the Galactic Protector !!!!

The Galactic protector has the same look as he was from the earlier action figure from the 90's but now a bulkier look of the usual muscular MOTU figure molds.

Well from the back of the Galactic Protector as you can see above ..... you will notice that he has a pony tailed hair do like what he looked like from the 90's animated show and thus this hair do.

I actually made him raise up his power sword just to get the " By the Power of Grayskull " look !!!! Well his arms and wrists enabled me to do that as this version of He-man makes the limbs actually flexible enough for him to hold his power sword this way !!! And by the way from the show of the new adventures of He-man from the 90's it wasn't By the Power of Grayskull but .... by the power of eternia !!!!

The Galactic Protector He-man comes with the Power shield and his power sword as well. 

It's all neon yellow colored but it doesn't really glow in the dark actually. I guess it's because it has more of a clear translucent colored effect... oh well but it still is a cool accessory with this guy .

Above is the Galactic Protector's Close up with his blue eyes and his fringe hanging on his forhead which is a really different look of how he looked like comparing the classic He-man look from the 80's.

The next few pictures i wanted to show you is the other armor piece which actually comes with this guy and an extra head sculpt. Check it out below !!!!

The Space armor as you can see here also has a slot for him to put his power sword just like what his old armor has as well.

And above is the last picture for this review !!!! It features the other sculpt of the galactic protector's head. Well do take note that the helmet on his head can't be removed.

It's a permanent fixture to the head mold.

Well i had also taken the trouble to do a video review of the Galactic Protector to give you a clearer view of how he look like and how he turned out ... and with that i'll end this review and i'll see you guys soon !!!! Cheerzzz and laterzz !!!