Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Transformers for sale !!!! Pm me !!!!

Hey there just to give you some information i'm selling these Transformers toys.

You can msg me here or my facebook for deals !!!!!

This is the Classic Human Alliance !!! Soundwave !!!

This guy will be $80 Shipped worldwide !!!

Generations will be going at $20 each ... but remember shipping is excluded for all !!!!

This limited edition of G1 re issued version of Autobot Blaster is $100 shipped worldwide !!!!

This lot of skids and mudflap will be $30 together but shipping is excluded according to the region which i got to ship as well !!!

Takara vehicon will be $50 and jolt will be $25 and again if i'm shipping worldwide all the shipping charges are all seperate !!!! So msg me for deal !!! With that i'll end this posting !!!! Cheerzz !!!!

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