Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rare NECA Cult Classics Action Figure Collectibles in Hand !!!!!

Hey toy lovers and collectors i'm back sadly with not a review but brand new toy hauls !!!! Well as you know i hunt toys like it's a never ending chase and boy it's getting even harder each time i get to collecting any type of particular toy line....and this time it's NECA Collectibles again. NECA has such an extensive amount of Movie and Music based toys. They have targeted the specifically popular movies and music bands which were very popular movie then and now and made these toys into Masterpieces !!!! Well without furthur ado i shall show you the latest collections i have in hand.

First is everyone's favorite psycho murder doll Chucky.

This is the Child's Play 3 version which features a baseball bat,a hammer and a full manual of the toys from the line.

This is the front part of the package as you can see and the below will be the back of the package.

 Like i said the back features other toys from the line as well.

And i tell ya this version of Chucky is awesome !!!!!

You should get this guy because he is really rare and this version is obsolete so you gotta be lucky if you wanna get him !!!

Next is another Cult Classic from the movies as well. Everybody's favorite Hockey mask murderer from friday the 13th !!!

Yes you got that right Jason !!!!

This Toy is based on Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

Well enough said below will be the back of the package !!! and before that let me tell you this set comes with the Display stand and 3 weapons featuring and Axe, Machete and a Harpoon Spear.

Well this version comes with even a removable mask which is one the figure !!!! Surprise Surprise so go get this guy so that you can ease your curiosity by removing the mask and see how he looks like !!! I leave that to you !!!!

Well the next will be the Silence of the lambs !!!! this toy is based on the First Movie !!!

And it is Hannibal Lecter.

Below is the front part of the package !!!

Just look at that an awesome display item for you if you are a great fan of this classic movie based toys.

These also come with accessories with the action figure.

and below will be the back of the package !!!!

Well have i amazed you just yet !!!! Or are you just seeing another regular toy collector's postings ???!!!

Well either way i am still featuring unique toys to all collectors and toy lovers out there and to also give you an idea of the various toys which are available which some thought never even existed !!! I am broadening your mind people and which brings me to my next Cult classic and personal favorite as well. The Exorcist !!!

This toy is taken from the first movie of the Exorcist in 1973 and it's based on that tale .... so it's really a classic and the above is Reagan being possessed !!!!

Below will be the close up of Reagan's face ....

Just look at the awesome details of the face and the many colorful details of her pyjamas as well.

This is one detailed figure with a full movie based replica stand of the staircase where Reagan floats .... and well the rest of the details i wait for all you toy collectors out there to do a review of this awesome toys ... and i can't be always doing the reviews you know as i have plenty of toys to review as well so help me people !!!

And with that below this header will be the back of the Exorcist Package !!!!

And now comes the interesting part of this awesome toy haul review i have given all you people and i present to you the last few pictures before i end this toy review and that is the Deluxe Boxed set of the Exorcist !!!

This is a limited edition version of Reagan possessed and it is also based on the 1973 version of the movie and it's the Exorcist tries to free reagan from being possessed !!! It's the Bedroom scene a true classic !!!

Now Let me share with you the package and the details.

Yes people this is the top part of the package which is the most awesome looking. Don't you agree !!! This depicts the whole bedroom scene and this toy comes with that batteries included and a gear switch which rotates Reagan's head 360 degrees as you will see in my other picture details !!!!

This is the side shot of the package featuring all the details of this limited edition Boxed set based on the movie and yup it's a limited edition !!! Maybe by the time you see this posting i think they will be all long gone !!!!

This above picture is the complete side view of the whole bed where Reagan is tied to and it features a picture at the left bottom corner indicating that her head can turn 360 degrees !!!

This is really awesome you have to get a good display cabinet to display all these movie master pieces !!!

And the last picture for this review will be the next one below this header which is the back of the package of the movie poster !!!!

Well with that i shall end this toy review of all latest toy hauls so far from the NECA line !!! If there are more toys to feature and it's interesting i will definitely post here for all of you to see and with that i shall go now and be back soon !!!! Cheerzz !!!!