Monday, July 15, 2013

MOTU Classics Club Filmation kicks off with the First Figure Icer !!!!! Will Review him soon !!!!

Hello there people recently i have been a subscriber of the Club Filmation Franchise from the Masters of the Universe Classics line !!!! and boy they are cool ... these are all fan demanded action figure which has never come out before and they are now officially out on demand.

Well you can purchase from Mattel's website as well but you must be fast as they get sold out very quickly fortunately i am a subscriber and i will get charged with my credit card and instantly get the figures in auto mode !!!!

Well with that Club Filmation kicks off with Icer the first figure from the line. I'll show you the pictures below this header.

The above is the mailer box which features the character's name .

Well the above is Icer with his staff behind him and a sharp ice pick which comes with this action figure.

Icer was just seen once during the 80's Filmation cartoon of the Classic He-man and he just melted so he was completely gone from then on never to return.

And the back of the package features a brand new bio of Icer. For those who wanted this guy well this is it Icer and he is much better articulated then ever and i will ensure you that you just won't regret getting this guy.

And i will review him soon guys !!!! till then Cheerzzz !!!!