Monday, July 8, 2013

Collection of Toy hunts in Singapore !!! You may or may not have seen !!!!

Hey there back with another posting but nothing of toy reviews like i usually do but rather a toy hunt i did if the various retail locations in Singapore which i shall not diclose but i will show you the results of the toys i have come up with and feature here in my collections !!!! And boy will you be surprised if you did not see some of these toys in your own region or part of your continent , well you don't have to worry as i got all the scoops and all the sources to get you any of these if they are still available !!!! And while stocks last !!!!

With that let me show you the first guy from the DC unlimited toy line from the latest Matty Collector figure sold out a few months ago !!!! He is none other then Superman !!!! 

Yes he still is available if you want to get him !!!! and be fast. Pm me in my facebook pages !!! if not you won't be able to have him sorry !!!!

The next will be the Batman Unlimited Toys similar to Dc Unlimited but this figure is really awesome as well !!! It's the Penguin !!!!

Well above is the Penguin as i mentioned. And i don't know about you guys but for me this is a Master piece just like the ones in Masters Of The Universe Classics. The figure has a very retro old school look !!! And boy he has his classic umbrella with him as well !!! This is awesome !!! Well he is available as well !!!! While stocks last !!!

Well the next few toys are from the WWE series which has been around for a while now !!! like a month !!! but these are the latest releases which i just found as well !!!

The First Being ...

Santino Marella !!!! with his green sock !!!

Daniel Bryan with his think long beard !!!!

and lastly 

Hornswoggle !!! with his T-shirt and green pants !!!

Well the next few toy collections are from the Hotwheels Series but they are not die cast metal cars though...rather they are pull back spring action cars. It's a very childish look to hotwheels but this toy car makes fantastic display and for parts if you are a good customizer of plastic model cars !!!!

They are below and they are called Ripcord Racers as there is a ripcord attached to the car for pull back action !!!

Well that's that and now the next line of toys to be featured are some Marvel Universe Action Figures which you might find interesting or might not have even seen at all !!!!

Below are the figures !!!

Well i didn't really bother to write the name of the Marvel figures above cos i'm not that of a Great Marvel fan compared to other toy lines,and i leave this royalty of identifying these figures to all the collectors and fans of this particular toy line to go figure .....

And lastly i will feature the newest combiner to hit the shelves after Bruticus is Ruination !!!!

Well Ruination consists of 5 Robots which combine to make one giant robot but he is just a remold of the Bruticus version of robots as well !!! Just a different color and Head for the giant robot that's all !!! Even the weapons are kinda similar. But if you are die hard fan of combiners or various robot collector and not particular of anything then this guy is for you !!!! I will show you just 3 of the five guys needed to combine him and the rest is up to you to find and figure out !!!!

Well the above is the picture of Ruination !!!!

and the below are the 3 Combiners out the 5 need to combine him...

Well the above are the names mentioned in the package as well !!! the rest is up to you to get the relevent info of the combiners or just wait for me to just upload it in youtube for a review or here as well.

Well with that people i shall end this post and enjoy !!! Cheerzz !!!

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