Monday, July 1, 2013

Mcdonald's Hello Kitty Toys Bought back in year 2000 now on sale at my blog !!!! Pm me for price !!!!!!!

Hello there people Hello kitty has been the craze in singapore the last few weeks !!!! and now i have the most exquisite collection !!!! The Mcdonalds Hello Kitty unopened Brand new in the package in mint condition !!! Yup and the bigger news is that it's bought back in year 2000 during the birth of the millenium !!!

So if you are interested sms me at 91349362 at my mobile and there will be immediate response for this !!!!

Pictures in various angles for your reference.

So please guys if you are interested sms me or leave me a msg at my facebook at

We will respond to you immediately without fail. Don't miss out on this rare item while stocks last !!!

With that Cheerzz people for making this happen !!!!