Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toys R' Us Singapore features more exclusive products release !!!!!

Hello there people i have been in the toy hunt as always and let me tell ya this is another thing which i just spotted in toys r us singapore.

They have released some exclusive Star wars and Ben 10 toys which you might be interested in ???

Well for me it got me hooked !!!!

Firstly what caught my eye is a 12 inch figure of Anakin Skywalker changing into Darth Vader . It even comes with accessories like the smaller action figure which actually enables you to change him into Darth Vader and the light saber changes color from blue and then to red !!!!

Check it out ...this product Below ...

Well another collection which caught my eyes are the 6 inch figures of the Star wars Black series which are also very collectible and were actually meant for display. And these figures got that details in all and very authentic in design as well !!!

Below are the pictures of the Black series figures from Star wars !!!!

And the last picture for this review of these exclusives are the Ben 10 5 figure pack which really caught my eye. You really gotta get this if you are a Ben 10 fan well i am now. It's really a good display set ...and it has just been released !!!!

Below are the pictures ....

Well with that i will end this posting and i will be back for more review exclusives and details as well.

Thanks and enjoy !!! Cheerzzz 

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