Friday, July 19, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013 Reveals the MOTU Classics Sea Hawk !!!!!

Hey people mostly action figures are one of the best for me in the Masters Of The Universe for me to collect personally. And for that there is a new surprise for all you MOTU Action figure collectors and fans.

The Sea Hawk was featured in Sand Diego Comic Con in 2013 !!! And boy he looks exactly the same as what he is in the Filmation Classic Animated series She-ra !!!!

Well here are the pictures posted in the internet of him !!!

Well hope you like these cool pictures of the Sea Hawk !!! As it did for me ...I'm waiting for this guy to be released and be in one of my collections as well. I'm gonna review him as well...and i want to complete the whole MOTU classics line !!!

Well with that i'll be back for more reviews and videos . Till then Cheerzzz !!!!