Friday, July 27, 2012

Vote for me at the Big bad toy store photo contest !!!!

Dear toy collectors and toy fans out there if you really like what i have presented to you vote for this picture at my facebook big bad toy store photo contest.

The more votes the more nearer i am at this photo contest for winning.

You can post your collection pictures as well but don't forget to vote for me.

This is the picture i posted in the contest and feel free to give me more votes on this.

The url is below this sentence for your voting.

Hope you guys support me with this one.

Cheerzzz !!!!

i have taken a break for awhile as there isn't any interesting toys for me to collect at the moment but i will definitely be doing more reviews soon so keep it here in my blog and i will be back soon for more reviews as likewise.

And don't forget to vote for me !!!!