Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics He-man Action Figure Review

Hello there people i'm back once again doing my reviews once more of my fantastic toys which are always very exciting to share with you as much as i love collecting it as well.This is one of my ongoing collections which i am taking pride in collecting and it's simply awesome to have it in my collection of toys which are always my pride and joy. With that let me share with you my Masters Of The Universe Classics He-man Action figure which is one of the best figures i must say.

Well without delay this is him !!!!!

Look at that isn't he awesome or what !!!! This version of He-man is simply the best i have ever had in a collecting point of view.

Actually i never even thought that the classics edition of He-man would ever come out since the 80's era passing by but yet this particular action figures from the past actually came back and i am so grateful it did.

As you can see here the muscle definitions of the filmation style animated series cartoon is simply awesome and really great. Even his boots and belt and hand bands are very similar to the classic cartoon series itself.

The action figure itself of He-man has a great balance when i posed him in this look. It's actually very stable indeed. The limbs of both his arms and legs are really great in detail. More over you can pose him in different styles pertaining to the preference to your required pose. His mobility has been greatly enhanced in this version of the action figure.

As you can see here from this pose that his armor can be removed. It really is a very flexible piece of plastic which is soft and very removable and the back also has a piece of gap where his sword or axe fits in perfectly into that nice strap like thing behind is back.

Here is the full pose of his power sword and his shield which really comes great with his pose. But take note that in the filmation series he hardly uses his shield.

And last but not least "By the power of Grayskull" !!!!!

Thank you for your views guys i will be having more reviews pretty soon more frequently so please keep it here. And i have made a new page in my blog for all the MOTU Classics action figures which i am also selling as well. So you can PM me here at my blog and discuss furthur about sales and pricing cheerzz !!!!