Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vintage M.A.S.K Firefly with Dr Julio Lopez

Dear Toy lovers as such i had made the promise to you about the Vintage toys from the 80's. This is one vehicle i wanted to show you.

It's the Classic M.A.S.K Firefly vehicle with Dr Julio Lopez action figure.

Without furthur ado i shall continue with this Vintage toy Review.

Next i'm gonna show you the attack mode transformation from Car to a plane.

I even have the small missile which comes with this vehicle.

Even the front part of the vehicle can be opened up to reveal the Guns at the Front.

And this is the look at the back of Firefly.

So this will be my last picture for this review. There will be more to come out other days very soon.

So hope you all enjoyed this classic Vintage toy review.

I have ordered a bunch of 80's toy and vintage toys also from the 80's so that makes any adult relive his moment during the 80's .

Cheerzzz  and see you all later