Thursday, September 20, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Hordak Action Figure review !!!!!

Hello there people i am back yet with another review of my favorite toy from the MOTU Classics Action figure line which i would like to share with you and also would like to show you as well in my ongoing toy collections.

This is none other then the Evil Horde's Hordak.

Hordak was mostly featured during the She-ra Filmation 80's Cartoon. He was the main villian to She-ra and her rebels in the Great Rebellion.But towards the modern 200X Series of He-man, Hordak was even an enemy to He-man's and She-ra's ancestor King Grayskull !!!!! way before even He-man or she-ra were ever born. I wonder why they changed the story that way but Masters Of The Universe will always be cool whether if they were bad or good guys !!!!

Well this is Hordak i have featured here.

Although i must say Hordak in the above picture is really awesome but the color like what he was in the Classic Filmation series isn't there at all. He was a blue and white type of color character in the Classic series. But his face and overall body armor still looks equally similar to his Classic cartoon look with a touch of color from the 200X He-man series in 2002.

The side of his arm there is an evil Horde Strap on but this arm band can't be removed. It was meant to be put at the arms not enabling removal.

And here from the back as you can see is his Red Cape which in the Classic Filmation Series was either not on him or it was Black in color.

Hordak comes with 3 accessories in his action figure package and this is one of them.

A bow type of weapon.

You must take note that this weapon doesn't fire at all. It's just meant to be a stationery non-movable weapon. 

This is also one of another accessory thing which comes with Hordak. It's a red color eagle type of thing which closely resembles imp his small right hand man in the She-ra series. But yet again imp is blue in color in this version he is completely red !!!!!

And here is the final weapon accessory which comes with Hordak, His Magical Staff. though i have never seen him having it in the Cartoon itself him having his Staff. I always remembered Hordak always Transforming into a rocket a tank and several other vehicles to attack She-ra and his hands always had interchangeable weapons.

I think this was just given to make him look complete.

Well last but not least an extreme close up of Hordak before i wrap up this review for now.

Well as i said and promised before i will be showing you all the vintage toys from the olden times some posts ago. And be surprised with some new old vintage toys for review here in my blog as well.

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Thanks for viewing and i will see you all really soon.