Saturday, September 29, 2012

MOTU Classics She-ra Action Figure Mix with Bubble Power She-ra to make the perfect She-ra Action Figure !!!!!

Hello i'm back with another review of one of my favorite toy lines since Transformers and others, my ongoing   collection of Masters Of The Universe (M.O.T.U) Classics Action figures.This time i have got one action figure which is one of the most important characters in the Masters Of The Universe world. And if you guessed it correct yup that's She-ra. She-ra being He-man's sister and the princess of power which was one of the main icons for kid's and followers like me in the 80's will definitely get her like what i did. And boy i never ever regretted it, and i know definitely you won't too.

Well i will dive into it straight with my awesome She-ra Action figure review.

And this is her below....

Isn't she awesome or what !!!! And isn't she one of a kind action figure which you must have in your hands ???

When i got her out of the package and started posing her with her different type of standing positions and fitting her sword and other stuff i was really fascinated with the articulation of the toy itself and it's different type of colors and make up this action figure has been given to bring out her feminine side so well. I must say they did such an awesome job.

I really like the crown and the dress She-ra wears and the the way her whole body looks like. It's such a fantastic display item in the making,and you must put her up in a glass case with bright lighting to bring out this action figure's personality.

This was another posture i made of She-ra holding her power sword. Her boots as you can see has very nice crafted details and the coloring is very consistent with her skin tone and dress color.

If you noticed from the poses i did of her in different angles from the right,left and center. Observe her face properly. If you noticed her facial features it is so well done that even in which direction you turn her face her eyes seem to be looking in what ever direction i turn her, doesn't it ????

Got you all the angled top view of She-ra and i must tell you this action figure has real personality in forms of the action figures make up and sexiness as well. All these qualities has been captured in one charismatic sexy action figure She-ra. I'm speechless.

And her close up from upfront. He eyes are really gorgeous don't you think .....

Just wanted to make an extra pose for all of you She-ra fans out there. This will be the last picture for this cool toy review of She-ra and i must say to you now and i won't ever say this again. Go get your She-ra action figure today cos she is really worth buying. And she has so many interesting thing to offer to the average toy collector and a die hard He-man, Masters Of The Universe fan. And she will definitely be very appealing to even female toy collectors as well.

I'm buying extra's to make a storyline with the Master Of The Universe toys and make it dramatic in my displays of this awesome action figures to make them look how the Masters Of The Universe toys should look like. Wit that i end this awesome toy review and i will be back for more toy reviews and other intersting stuff for you all to look forward too. I will be constantly updating facebook and my blog and my youtube channels with all my cool toy reviews and i will make more reviews as well for you toy lovers out there. So I will be back later. Cherzzz !!!! and Enjoy !!!!