Monday, September 10, 2012

Hunt for the Decepticons Leader Class Starscream Picture review !!!!

Hi there back here again with another exciting review of the much anticipated Leader Class series which everybody is talking about and very excited about as well.Starscream !!!! This guy is a remold from the previous Transformers Movie Voyager Starscream repainted and regiven a bigger size type of look.Well this version of Starscream is from the movie version of Return of the Fallen. But the label of the packaging was Hunt for the Decepticons.

Well without furthur delays this is Starscream !!!!

Look at that isn't that cool or what !!!!

This is really a movie Masterpiece of Starscream you really should have in your collection if you really love the character from the movie itself or just want to have him has a display item next to other versions of Starscream from the earlier versions or other series.

Well the pose speaks for itself !!!!!

A look from behind of how his wings and other parts fit in to make his entire robot mode and i must say it was really very inventive and creative on the toy manufacturers side itself to be able to create a complete redo of the original Movie Starscream to this Masterpiece !!!!

And of course the extreme close up of our dear Decepticon Friend Starscream. It's really awesome the resembalance of the actual character from the movies. I'm speechless.....

The next few pictures are the vehicle mode of Starscream which is equally awesome as well. 

When i took the picture in this manner it looked like as though this fighter jet was taking off from an actual runway. Isn't it amazing ????

This will be the official last picture for this particular review. I am really fascinated with this particular toy and character as a whole. I rally find that the Hunt for the Decepticons toys were the much improved and detailed version from the ROTF Movie toys in general and they have made it really awesome.

I recommend anybody out there to get this guy if you don't already have him and get ready for a few surprises up my sleeve for the next few reviews.

Till then .......