Sunday, September 16, 2012

Transformers Prime Airachnid Review Exclusive !!!!!

Transformers Prime has come a long way and this was one of the Characters i was waiting for to be released  for some time. Although i heard that this character was released earlier but in small quantity but i didn't manage to get her and moreover i also found out that it was already gone by the time i got it. Well this time she was also the last piece and i quickly got her before she was gone forever.

I am speaking about none other then Airachnid.

Yes finally got her to Transform for this review for you all !!!!

Generally Airachnid is easy to Transform and she closely Resembles her original color like in the animated series itself. But there are some minor stuff which i was actually wasn't familiar with when i first got her. Actually some of my collectors around the world were actually not quite thrilled with this Character and i will explain why in my later details with this review.

A view from the back of her tentacles which relates to her spider like look.

Here as you can see are the weapons which can be attached to her hands and it looks like some kinda claw type of Crab Jaw which is quite cool on her, actually.

If you are seeing why this images and poses look kinda same is because like what i previously was talking about. This particular character is not flexible. She is very stiff and straight in her joints and i can't seem to move her much to give you all a proper pose for a nice cool shot !!!!! The toy itself looks quite articulated but the real toy itself has really very stiff parts which can't be moved at all starting from her waist.

Here as you can see her weapons can also be interchanged in the other direction as well to suit your choice of fitting her accordingly.

And look at the close up of Airachnid . Simply awesome. Her face sculpt is so accurate to the animated series as well and one of the most favorite part of this robot entirely.

Next i will be showing you the vehicle Helicopter mode of Airachnid.

The back of the Helicopter mode of Airachnid.

Next i will show the weapons going on her Helicopter vehicle mode interchanged and also the normal upright position.

The picture above is the last picture for this particular review but don't worry there are more in the weeks to come. Well as for me Airachnid was a clear disappointment to me as a toy collector as i am not really impressed with the bad articulation part of Airachnid which makes it hard for me to move and pose her. Though she may be a disappointment i still have to get her as she is one of the important characters to make the Decepticons complete in the animated series.

As far as i am concerned she makes a very great display item for your collection but you can't buy her for the kids as she would bore the average kid and also the kids won't be impressed much especially there are much better characters like soundwave , Bulkhead and knockout which are much more articulated in their joints and not forgetting Wheeljack who can be moved very well with his swords.

Well i'll be back watch out for me for more exciting reviews.