Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MOTU Classics King He-man Action Figure Review !!!!!!!!

Hello there people i have been consistently updating you with all the latest stuff i have with my ongoing toy collections and hope you guys are thrilled by the fact that i am awesome !!!!! Well i was just kidding all of you !!! got ya there right ???

Well this is my ongoing collection of the Masters Of The Universe Classics figure collections which i am constantly buying, playing and reviewing them for all of you and boy it is really awesome to share all the great toys with all of you.

I am constantly coming here to update you with my experiences these few years. And i enjoy sharing all the excitement with all of you out there young or old !!!!

And without furthur ado i shall present to you king He-man !!!!

King He-man is an awesome figure. Just look at his colors and all the details !!!!

Well although he is actually a concept character which never even existed it's really great they came up with this !!!!

Apparently King He-man was the future really of eternia after King Randor's passing but hey i still prefer him as plain old He-man you know what i'm saying !!!

As you can see from the back of King He-man he has this sky blue colored Robe which goes on the back of him. He has that wind blowing shadowy type of feel with the amazing fold ins as well.

It's really cool,but i actually preferred red like all his predecessors.

Well as you can see from the picture above he has battle damaged Power sword from the 2002 version of He-man but this power sword doesn't turn though.

You can see that the damage on the sword is widely extensive with all the marks and dents and all types of  stains as well !!!!

In the pictures above as you can see there is the whole package of accessories of King He-man including his Staff which is similar in color and shape as his chest plate. 

Well it's nice in color as well.

And the picture above is the last picture for this short review . As you can see here it's the close up of King He-man and also there is a scar on his right eye !!!!

It's the battle damage he acquired from battling skeletor through the years i guess.

Well enough said go and get this figure as soon as you see this posting as i don't think he will be available very soon and more over he is a subscriber priority action figure so i guess he won't be produced anymore and get him as soon as possible before the prices for King He-man Sky rockets out of control !!!!

And speaking of all this stuff. I never want King He-man as a character being created in the comics or Cartoon animation as i always liked him as He-man where he never grew old and he is forever He-man !!!

And more over He-man never grew old in the animated series from the 80's and why should he now ???

Cheerzz people and enjoy the reviews !!!