Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M.A.S.K 80's toys which has brought back my childhood memories !!!! And toys i never owned myself when i was young .... now reliving the Dream !!!!!

I have always been in love with the retro toys from the 80's. Being a person who has lived during that 80's era i have grown to enjoy the toys of that time. And believe me when i tell you all this are called timeless classics. If i ever had a chance to live back through the 80's i would do it all over again. Toys during the 80's were very individual and unique of it's time. What amazes me is the creativity of the person who came out with the idea in the first place into the designing of these timeless classic toys which are completely obsolete.

With that let me present to you the type of toys which i am talking about. The Classic M.A.S.K Toys from the 80's.

This above picture is Bullet with Ali Bombay.

This above picture is Iguana !!!!

Didn't take out the toys for the sake of just showing you the box itself. Don't worry i will review all the M.A.S.K Toys as requested and will show you all the contents of the vehicle.

And who could ever Forget Outlaw !!!!

This was one of my favorite vehicle from the 80's M.A.S.K Animated series because of the fact that this was the Bad guy's rhino in black and the name was so cool.

But during the 80's this vehicle was going for $100.

Moreover the price and the space was limited as well.

So my parents especially my Dad rejected the fact straight away not to buy it for me !!!!

Well i am big right now and i could buy it myself thanks to all the collectors who had this in their possession.

All my toys as you can see are all complete !!! As in the vehicles are complete and no accessories were lost.

As you can see in the above pictures you can see the parts of Outlaw including the manual and the figurines as well. This set is also complete with everything with the Box.

A closer look at the Outlaw vehicle which still fascinates me as i didn't even get to touch it when i was young.

Well with this i will let you all read this posting and hope this has kindled all of you toy lovers out there to relive the childhood all over again.

With that i'll be back for more review !!!! Cheerzz !!!!

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