Saturday, January 14, 2012

DOTM Deluxe Topspin Review

This is Topspin from the DOTM movie. One of the wreckers !!!!

This is also one of the intermediate level toy which is fairly easy to transform but you have to be patient to put it all together.

Topspin is one of my favorite toys. I like it because of his unique bright blue colors and also the way his weapons are mounted on his body.

As you can see here and the above pictures Topspin's body is flexible. You can position him in a different way to have him balanced in what ever pose you want to give him. Other then that there is also the fact that he can easily be balanced in the position you give him !!!!

As you can see this is his weapon mounted on his arm. 

I like this particular pose of Topspin. The weapon mounted in his arm makes it looks like it's actually pointing at you !!!! This cool pose is a signature for this toy itself i should say. Transformers toys have a great effect on me because some of the most interesting poses i had made of each particular character in a Transformers Toy and i didn't realize that until i saw the actual pictures i had taken myself and when i review them before i put it in here i found that some of the pictures i had taken were actually nice and cool too. Thanks to Hasbro and the transformers toys they made people like me can make the most cool poses with a toy i can ever make !!!!

As you can see both sides of the toy it's so perfectly and carefully articulated stating the logo's for advertising on the toy itself. But being that the toy itself is spiced up and it's more unique and presentable. Don't you think so .......

Lastly a very good closeup of Topspin's Face. See the eyes having a look like has though he is having his shades on. In fact all the wreckers have the same look that is all wear glasses !!! I mean Sunglasses .....

This is Topspin's vehicle mode. Look at the fantastic paint finishing on the car itself and the huge comparison of the background color in comparison with the toy itself.

As you can see in my earlier reviews of Roadbuster. He is equally a Nascar car like Topspin. But he lacks bright colors and weaponry on the vehicle itself where as Topspin has good colors to blend with body color and weapons mounted in vehicle mode.

The different angles i have shown here of Topspin's weapon mounted on the vehicle.
The 3 pictures above.

Let me tell you this if you haven't got topspin go get him while stocks last.He is one toy to surpass and i would say it's one of the most popular and talked about toy in the DOTM movie because of the fact that he is one of the wreckers and one of the few characters which only happened to pop out in the third installment of the Transformers Movie Franchise. 

I have got the Armored Topspin Which is exactly the same vehicle mode and robot too but the colors are different though i have that toy too and i will review that toy with other hot toys too very soon. So that you fans out there won't be feeling so anxious. 

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