Monday, June 24, 2013

Latest mixed lot of toys from Toys R Us Singapore !!!!

Dear people just went through my usual Toy Hunt and spotted some hot toys from Toys R Us Singapore. But some of these toys may seem cool to some but may not be appealing to others ... but nevertheless i want to lessen you burden of imagining things and let you see the latest toys out now in the stores in Toys R Us.

Well !!! The first Being the Monsters University Frat Pack !!!! Below !!!

The Front .

And the Back of the Package !!! This is an awesome set !!!!

The Next will be the Platinum Edition of Ultra Magnus with his Gold Hammer !!!!

Like the one he was in Transformers Prime but this is even more detailed !!!

Yup this guy is pure awesomeness !!! Just imagine a great Masterpiece in the making with very good details !!!

And more Turtle Power from the Nickelodeon TMNT Toy line series with additional  Characters i have shown below. 3 extra characters actually !!!!

Fishface .

April O'Neil .

Dogpound .

And Toys R Us Singapore has also comeout with some new interesting toys as well !!!

The Despicable 2 animated movie has released it's own line of toys as well !!!!

Below are some pictures of the toys from the line so far !!!!

Well the above picture will be the lat picture for this short posting i have shown you all of the latest toys out in the stores around singapore !!!

Well with that i'll end this posting and i will let you all speculate and discuss !!! Cheerzz people !!! Happy Hunting of toys ....

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