Monday, June 3, 2013

MOTU Classics Bow Action figure review !!!!!

Hello there people i have returned with another review of the Masters of The Universe Classics yet again.

This time it's the awesome Bow which was a figure quite some years back in the Mattycollector line but i recently just go an extra to get him up for review !!!

So this is Bow !!!

Well as you can see from the above picture Bow has the same look as what he does from the She-ra animated series back in the 80's filmation production.

But i remebered back in the 80's they didn't sell much of the She-ra based action figures but more of the He-man ones back in the 80's. Oh well i would consider you lucky if you could get hold of one the She-ra based figure from the 80's and kept it till now !!! Amazing.

Well this Bow above is very colorful and greatly articulated even his arms as well.

As you can see from the back of the action figure i can tell you that this red color cape as you can see it's brightly colored and very suitable on Bow. The bag of arrows is just a clustered design of a combination of arrows. It can't be removed though it's just a design but it's fixed to the red cape and can't be removed as well.

On this picture above as you can see i have made Bow do the aiming pose !!!!

Well as you can see the bow at the 2 ends there are tiny holes where you can insert a string to make it stretch with Bow's fingers which is really awesome as his 2 fingers were done in such a way that you can pull the string from the arrow.

But remember get your own string as it doesn't come with the bow !!!

Another piece of magic with Bow's action figure is that he comes with this awesome one piece of arrow.

And this is rather unique.

Though it was hard for me to make pose with the bow and arrow !!!! 

Well i just got Bow to hold his arrow.

Another piece of hot item which come with Bow is his harp !!! Just like what he did in the animated series from the 80's which he randomly played !!!

The close up of Bow is amazing !!!! The moustache and the hair strands at the side of his forehead is all done in very good details. I am amazed by it myself !!!!

What makes Bow unique is the cape and his chest plate with the heart shaped logo.

Makes his awesomely cool !!!

Well from the picture above you can see that Bow has another head instead of the regular one.

This is another extra accessory for this figure and the round logo in replacement of the heart shaped one on his chest as well which you will see in the close up !!!

In this close up above you can see his head sculpt without the moustache and a band across his forehead as well.

With that i'll end this review of Bow which is really awesome figure you should collect and cannot miss at all if you were to complete the gang of the great rebellion alongside Adora, and if you are a great She-ra fan just like me !!!!

I'll be back for more reviews so keep it here !!!! Cheerzz !!!!