Sunday, June 9, 2013

Toy Updates and Something to talk about !!!!!!

Hello there people wanted to give you some updates of the stuff i have been following up till now and some interesting things i just learnt from getting my toys so far !!! Hope you guys can shed some light on some of the questions i have on my mind and have an open discussion here.

Well first and foremost i just got the new WWE Basic series Superstar #42 AJ Lee dressed in Black this time then the earlier posting i did of here wearing yellow.

Is this figure rare !!!! ????

Please give me some info !!!!

Well the above picture is the latest figure i got from toys r us and they were left with just one piece.

I quickly got it without wasting much time !!!!

Damn !!! She must be rare.

Secondly did you know that the new Generations Blitzwing Voyager has a 2 face mould on one head ???

I didn't notice anybody bring that up yet or post pictures about it as well.

Well so i hope i am the first one for the moment.

So please comment. Below are the details of what i found out about Blitzwing !!!

Yup look at the difference of their faces.

I just wonder what was this feature for so please comment here on this posting as to what is happening !!!

And these are the latest Monsters University Slimy figurines i have collected so far out of the 24 which i am yet to complete as yet.

Well i have made that easier for you to refer to the picture below which is the checklist of the  full figurines and the ones i have ticked are the ones i have here.

The names are there too so don't worry ??

Yup the checklist of the Monsters University Slimy Figurines.

Well with that i will end this post and please give back you answers and comments here and add me at my facebook for more info as well. Cheerzzz  people !!!!!!!

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