Saturday, June 8, 2013

M.A.S.K Bullet with Ali Bombay and Vortex mask Full review !!!!

I'm back with the vintage toy review as like what i have been doing concurrently amidst collecting the regular toys as well. This time is the Retro M.A.S.K Vehicles again from the 80's. This time it's bullet from the M.A.S.K racing series which came out as a toy after the initial first and second series basic vehicles.

Well it was in 1987 !!!!

This time i am reviewing the full set of Bullet !!!! Nothing is missing.

Yes people Ali Bombay with his Vortex Mask and the Bullet vehicle itself complete !!!!

Just to get you the whole picture of how bullet looks like with Ali Bombay on it.

Bullet in normal vehicle mode is a kind of street racing bike.

It has the amazing red and blue just like the american flag and it is really cool in this particular color.

There is actually a particular stand at the bottom of the bike to enable it to balance so i could take you the shots above of Bullet.

So you don't have to worry about balance.

Above is the front part of Bullet.

And the above picture is the back of the Street bike Bullet !!!!

The above picture is the close up of the Vortex mask which Ali Bombay wears.

And the below will be Ali Bombay himself !!!!

The next few pictures i will show you is the Attack mode of Bullet which is a kind of Hovercraft which travels on water.

Bullet is an attack mode now...and if you notice the front part of the bike sticks out as a cannon, the tires fold out to become landing platforms to lay in the water just like a hovercraft and the back grappling hook sticks out to attach to Ali Bombay to enable surfing well that's what it was showed as in the 80's animated series M.A.S.K !!!

On the picture above as you can see you will notice i have put Ali Bombay in the Hovercraft mode and taken a picture from top view.

Well the above picture as you can see features the grappling hook which attached to Ali Bombay to enable him to surf on the water. The next picture will be the hook attaching to his foot.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review and boy you gotta get Bullet if you are a M.A.S.K Fan or vintage toy collector. All these toys are classic master pieces and they are not avilable in the world anymore for manufacture. M.A.S.K has always been a childhood memory just like Masters Of The Universe. So i will do anything to live through this memory all over again.

Well with that collector and ladies and gentlemen Cheerzz and i will see you all soon !!!!

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