Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Transformers Prime First Edition Bumblebee long review !!!!!

Here i have featured one of my First Edition Series of the Transformers Prime toyline. It's one of the most see and most popular especially for those who like this particular character. It's not very impressive as a character to me because there are other cool characters and modes which are much better then this one itself. Although i'm a collector myself i only choose those are very appealing and unique. Well this one doesn't fit into that category of mine but i need it to complete the Transformers Prime collection.

Well without furthur ado this is Bumblebee.

Bumblebee is a character which has always been yellow. He looks almost like the movie version in Transformers Prime as well but he has a more bulkier clean look. His facial features looks more rounder in shape then the movie version where he has two little horns sticking out the top of his head.

As you can see here is the weapon, a kind of a double barrel gun which fits into his hands. 

Made like a walking pose for bumblebee. I just couldn't make out the different poses for this particular character Bumblebee as his body isn't all that impressive for making the particular poses i intended to make in the first place. His body is kinda stiff and rigid so couldn't turn him much too.

Well made some poses which i think you fans would like for this review though.

A kick ass look for Bumblebee. Well for this particular pose i was just trying to make him look as cool as possible and this is the best i could come out with. This pose was achievable due to the fact that bumblebee has great balance as a toy itself so i could pull it off with this pose.

And as always the up close look of Bumblebee's face !!!!

Looks very much like the animated version of the Transformers Prime series itself. Hasbro has done a great job in achieving accuracy in their toy manufacturing.

A rear view of Bumblebee which makes this review complete !!!!

And who can ever forget my signature hand raise pose for all my Transformers Prime toys.
Look rather cool don't you think ???

And this next picture below is the vehicle mode of Bumblebee. The sports car mode.

The car mode is very basic and very simplified. He looks like a fatter camaro then in the movie and with a bit more bulk. First Edition of this toy is great to have in your collection. The Robots in diguise version is much more different then this one. Well in review what i can say is that go get this toy to complete the Transformers Prime Series toys. 

Quite a nice toy to collect but not very impressive unless you are a bumblebee fan and supporter though.

I will be featuring more reviews of other toys in the Transformers Prime Series as well as the old collections of mine so please keep it right here at my blog where it all happens.