Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starwars Episode 1 (3D) Sebulba's Podracer Exclusive Review !!!!

Here i will also be updating other toys besides my Transformers Passion. I'll now let you see my new passion (old passion actually) the new Starwars vehicles which i have always loved collecting for a long time now. The Star wars vehicles. Starwars actually have the most coolest vehicles i have known other then the Transformers which are vehicles and robots at the same time. Starwars vehicles have a unique touch to it. So i always collect the vehicles and some action figures if i deemed them collectible or nice.

Now i'll feature the Podracer from the Starwars Episode 1 franchise. It's actually Sebulba's Podracer. This is the one of the only vehicles never circulated for the other movies or series in the Starwars franchise reason being it was only featured in the First exclusive opening of the Starwars episode 1 and since Anakin skywalker became Darth Vader, there were no more podracers other then Battleships, tanks or cruisers.

So without furthur ado this is Sebulba's Podracer.

As you can see Sebulba's Podracer is orange in color like in the Episode 1 movie.

It's considerably a big vehicle and requires ample space in your cupboard or display shelf to display it.

Sebulba's Podracer is very unique as it is the rotating blades like fans are bigger in the front then other podracers and is very unique in color and design. I for once find this toy actually amazing. The only problem i had when i was taking this pictures is that the seating position of sebulba's racer wasn't really standing well if you put it in even floor level you gotta get something to support from behind so that it will look like it's in the air, consistent with the blades in front of the podracer.

As you can see at the front of the Podracer there is like damage type of spray paint which has been given to the toy istself. It's rather cool looking in a sense it looks like a damaged type of effect don't you think ??

Thought of giving you fans out there the top rear end view of Sebulba's Podracer. Isn't it cool and nice for the review !!!!

Thought of just giving a cool frontal look of Sebulba's Podracer . As you can see the Static charge looking thing between the engine blades looks so real. Hasbro has done a fantastic job in making this Podracer loook exactly like the real thing in the movie itself.

This is the hot seat which Sebulba's gets into for his race with all the other Podracer's . Even the seating model of this toy look so real .

As you can see on the right side is the blade which comes out and spins for attacking the other podracers besides Sebulba always knocking others out of the race !!!!

So this ends my rather small review of Sebulba's Podracer. One of my favorite Vehicles from the Starwars movie and toyline. My suggestions are that go get this toy as it is finishing fast on the toy shelves. I got it immediately when it was released so i have 2 of this which is one for my own personal collection.

This time around Starwars took a long time before it was released as a movie as Transformers took over almost suddenly and it was a mean come back with all the movies and cartoons coming out at the same time. And much to say countless characters in the Transformers toy and cartoons and movies.

So this Starwars toys and vehicles won't be around for a long time so get your Vehicles and podracers fast.

More toy reviews coming up like i said i will be concurrently updating new toys be it any type.

This blog is for generally for all types of toy collectors and fans passion for toy collection in general but i will definitely be reviewing the most asked for and the most popular toys too. So please if you have and y suggestions and toys you want me to review message me at my facebook or this blog and register so that i can be able to update you in the latest toy reviews which are the most popular and the most asked for ....

So cheerz !!!!!