Monday, March 5, 2012

Transformers (Robots in disguise) Re-issue Hot Rodimus Prime !!!!!

Got this guy some years ago. Bought him in year 2006 !!!! It's actually a re-issue of the generation 1 edition of this guy. They don't sell him now anymore until they produce another re-issue.

Well without furthur details this is Rodimus Prime.

As you can see from this picture he has the Classic Generation 1 style design . He is very original looking like he did in the generation 1 Action Cartoon series in the early 80's to 90's.

His face even looks so japanese looking don't you think ??

The Classic Kick ass action of Rodimus Prime !!! I feel that Rodimus prime has the looks of a ninja with a hot rod like look with his paint job. And generally look like an action ninja warrior . Well that's what i think of him  as. This pose had to be done to maximise his pose.

An angled view of our Autobot Warrior. Rodimus Prime has a very bright reddish look with flames on his chest which has become his symbol and i think it looks so cool on him.

I just wondered why they never ever released him as a character in the Transformers movies Franchise and also why he wan't ever released for Transformers Prime !!!!

But who knows Michael Bay and Hasbro are always up with new surprises and maybe my dreams will come true and they do release this character for the Movies!!!!

As you can see the earlier version of Transformers toys in general especially the Generation 1 type of toys are more box shaped and easier to transform then the latest Editions of Transformers toys which are generally very complicated in transformations and the parts area actually quite brittle. Whereas i didn't have that problem with this guy. He was easy to transform and very solid in design.

Sideviews of our amazing Friend !!!!!

And nothing is complete without an upclose and personal close up of the Generation 1 Rodimus Prime.

Next i will show you the Hot rod Race car he transforms into when in vehicle mode for Mr Hot Rodimus Prime.

The Vehicle mode of Rodimus Prime is exactly like in the Generation 1 cartoon series with a long wing behind and a race car look from the front like a rocket boosted hot rod!!!!

I particularly like this picture of the front tires of Hot Rodimus Prime !!! Makes him look so awesome in this cool looking vehicle mode and the classic look different from the latest toys. Like they said old is gold !!!!
And this is most definitely one of the gold !!!!!

Well in closing for this review what i can say is that if you get a chance to get this toy get it quick and get it from ebay or wherever you think is possible because this will be one character which is quite difficult to come by and it won't be easy to get him in the near future well (I think) because he isn't that very popular as a character in both the cartoons and also the movies so i guess that's why he wasn't released in the movies.

But the only thing which makes me wonder is that why did they bring about Sentinel Prime when they could have replaced him with Rodimus Prime in the first place.

Well Sentinel Prime was the ultimate bad guy but this guy wasn't. Hmm i still don't know how will the future Transformers Franchise will go and how will the characters be created,well only time will tell i guess.

So later guyZZ!!!!